American Heritage Flooring - Newly Milled American Wood

Product Category: New Wood Flooring Collections

Image of American Heritage Flooring - Cochran's Lumber

Engineered Flooring

image of Live Sawn White Oak in a custom ‘Fort McHenry’ finish.

American Heritage Flooring

Cochrans Oak Whitewash Custom Floors


Cochrans Old California White Oak Custom Floors

Old California

Cochrans Character American Hickory Natural Custom Floors

American Hickory

Cochrans Natural American White Oak Custom Floors

American White Oak

Live Sawn White Oak Fumed

Live Sawn White Oak

Cochrans Live Sawn Walnut Custom Floors

Live Sawn Walnut

Mt. Vernon

Cochrans Antique Heart Pine Select Custom Floors

American Heritage Heart Pine

Gray Ghost


Dutch Brown

Fort McHenry

Cochrans English Chestnut Custom Floors

English Chestnut


Live Sawn White Oak with Whiskey Barrel Stain produced Coopers Oak

Cooper’s Oak

Cochrans Hickory Whiskey Barrel Custom Floors

Whiskey Barrel