Horse Country Oak

Horse Country Oak Flooring

Mile after mile of oak fences adorn the rolling hills and pastures of the southeastern region of this country. When replacement is necessary, we recycle this material into our Horse Country Oak flooring, producing a floor that is as rich in character and patina as the heritage and culture of the hunt country it comes from.

Horse Country Oak Natural by Cochran’s Lumber is a custom finish developed with years of experience and customer response.  Our finishes are designed with an eye for both timeless classic looks as well as the latest design trends.

Species: Reclaimed White and Red Oak

Grades available: Character


  • 3/4” solid
  • 1/2” engineered: 3mm wear layer with 9mm exterior grade baltic birch substrate
  • 5/8” engineered: 4mm wear layer with 12mm exterior grade baltic birch substrate
  • 3/4” engineered: 5mm wear layer with 15mm exterior grade baltic birch substrate

Widths: 4 1/2″

Lengths: 6’6 / 7’6 /  9’6

Finish: Satin Urethane