3 Reasons for Pre-finished Wood Flooring


Consider Pre-Finished Wood Flooring

Time is money, and professionals in the construction industry contend with solving schedule conflicts for all manner of reasons.  As a project enters the finishing stages with the installation of flooring – it is good to know that choosing pre-finished flooring can provide some relief.  Here are three strong reasons to depend upon stylish pre-finished wood flooring (newly milled and reclaimed) from Cochran’s Lumber.

Reason One: Build More Efficiently

Our excellent pre-finished wood flooring greatly enhances construction efficiency. Just consider some of the most important productivity advantages you’ll enjoy:

  • Reduce subcontracting expenses: Our pre-finished wood flooring products help customers save hours during finishing. You can reduce dependency on subcontractors to cut and stain planks individually when you use our pre-cut, easily applied products.
  • Save money on materials by using our products: By enabling you to complete a project more rapidly, our pre-finished flooring helps lower overall construction costs.
  • Apply wood flooring easily and rapidly: Cochran’s flooring provide highest standards of quality without added installation expense.

Our products help project managers save time and money over the long term, while providing a unique wood floor experience.

Reason Two: Accomplish Aesthetic Goals Easily

When you choose Cochran’s Lumber pre-finished wood flooring, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to draw upon a rich panoply of stains, texture and American grown wood. Our large inventory allows customers to select exactly the right wood textures and stains to accomplish unique architectural and decorative goals:

  • The ability to select different wood grains and stains on demand: Our extensive options of pre-finished wood flooring permit a builder to employ a variety of different colors to tailor individual tastes in a unique, pleasing way. For instance, you might build a condominium complex and offer different wood flooring stains in individual units to enhance variety and consumer choice.
  • Professional finishing: Since we completely finish our flooring at our millwork in Berryville, VA, you won’t need to worry that an accident during the construction phase will produce darker staining in one portion of a room.  Whether you choose to work with Rich Mahogany, American Heritage Heart Pine or American Hickory, the colors of all flooring finished in an individual stain remain beautifully uniform and consistent throughout the design space.
  • Enjoy the ability to visualize the appearance of a finished floor in advance: By choosing our excellent lines of pre-finished flooring, you can accurately envision the final appearance of a project ahead of construction. We enable you and your interior designers to know the precise shades and undertones contained within a finish such as Fieldstone or American Red Birch. Order furnishings such as carpet and drapes with confidence at the beginning of your project;

By using these attractive wood products, you’ll obtain impressive aesthetic benefits of wood flooring that last for generations!

Reason Three: Uniform Repair Capabilities

Our products also offer important cost-savings for anyone seeking to repair damaged pre-finished wood flooring in the future. We know the durability of wood floors, but we also know that damage can be cause for repair.  You can replace individual damaged surface sections of flooring with confidence in color matching that will negate resurfacing or painstaking task of stain matching:

  • Our pre-finished wood flooring permits easy repairs.
  • Obtain a uniformly stained surface: Repair sections of our flooring using replacement panels selected in the same wood and stain.

Utilize our attractive pre-finished wood stained flooring to permit efficient, nearly seamless repairs!

A Satisfying Project

The exquisite beauty of finely finished wood flooring contributes significantly to interior design of homes and businesses. Whether you plan a custom home, an upscale office or a public facility, you’ll impress people favorably by utilizing high quality materials during the construction process.

When you rely on pre-finished wood supplied by Cochran’s Lumber you’ll know you’ve selected a long lasting, durable building product handcrafted by a manufacturer with years of experience. We stand behind our exceptional flooring and welcome the opportunity to create a unique solution on your next project!  Contact our flooring team today to learn more.


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We are proud to offer an inviting space where customers can come and get a clear visual of the many types of hardwood flooring options that we offer, and feel comfortable at the same time.

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