Milling Through Finishing

“How can Cochran’s make custom-quality American wood flooring available quickly and at such fair prices? Experience. Decades of it.”


America’s Finest Wood Flooring:

Beautifully Finished and Ready to Install

Cochran’s Lumber doesn’t outsource parts of our process or use a completely automated process to speed things up. From milling through finishing and delivery, every aspect of your order is managed here at Cochran’s Berryville, Virginia shop. Our 60,000 sf facility spans five acres, with 40 local craftsmen, logistics and service people carefully working with state-of-the-art systems—and four decades of experience—to make every floor a masterpiece, and to make every order a pleasure for our customers.

Image of Braswell 3 Wood siding accent with Antique Oak Cochrans

Crafting Masterpieces

Each floor is a masterpiece: Cochran’s craftsmen combine state-of-the-art finishing machinery with their own hands-on expertise – to bring out the full beauty of each type of wood, and the perfect flooring for rustic, traditional and contemporary settings.


Quality & Control

Higher quality, easier to install: Because our craftsmen finish our flooring before it leaves our shop, they control the quality of every floor board. That’s why Cochran’s flooring installs faster and without the sanding dust, finishing fumes and inconsistencies of flooring that must be finished onsite.

Cochrans Wood Processing Team

American Value

American wood floors at affordable prices. That’s how Cochran’s Lumber makes the spectacular beauty, quality and heritage of America’s finest wood floors available at a reasonable price. In fact, for just a few dollars per square foot more than “made in China,” factory-finished wood, Cochran’s new and reclaimed hand-finished flooring give new homes a century of character. The quality of these floors adds significant value to the project, without adding significantly to the cost.

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