Terms & Conditions


Our Custom Products

At Cochran’s Lumber we will always represent customer service that reaches beyond the industry standard to make our customer feel well taken care of. We remain loyal to our customers when it comes to providing a luxury product that is carefully crafted to last. Along with that, we will stand by our name and the product that we work so hard to create. There is a reason we chose to put the name Cochran on our flooring and millworks, because we are proud of what we make. We realize what is important to our customers and that’s why we make it easy to inquire, customize, purchase, and get our product to you or your clients. We’ve specialized in working with extremely talented Designers, Architects, and Builders for decades and have just about done it all. We’re excited to work with you! Here’s some more detailed information about our products. Hope to hear from you soon…

Lead times

At Cochran’s Lumber, we understand that project speeds vary depending on your client, workload, completion deadlines, etc. Just as these factors play a role in project speed, the same goes for production speed. However in our case this will depend on our current in-shop workload and what material is needed for your project. You can speak with a representative when inquiring for an upcoming project and they will be able to provide you with an accurate lead time. This will also be included in your formal proposal. (The average lead time is anywhere from 3-6 weeks).


Flooring Orders – Please expect as much as 3% standard overruns. 

Molding Orders – Please expect as much as 10% standard overruns.

For orders specified as Random Footage of Widths, DO NOT INSTALL IN REPEATING PATTERN. If a repeating pattern is desired, please order flooring in EQUAL LINEAR FOOTAGE.

Colors & Finishes

When choosing a finish or color with Cochran’s, it’s important to understand the nature of the wood itself. Natural wood material has many variations from board-to-board, such as grain patterns, sap wood, light and dark boards etc. Applying a color or finish to this unique material can reveal even more variation within the wood. Not only is this variation what makes hardwood flooring beautiful, it brings out the true character of the hardwood we so carefully craft. When browsing through Cochran’s color library you will see a range/variation scale with each and every finish option. This scale is labeled 1-5. A finish with a range scale of 1 will have minimal range within the floor or product (this includes, but is not limited to: Flooring, treads, nosing, lander, S4S material, paneling, box beams, and so on). A Finish or product with a range scale of 5 will have the largest amount of variation (various grain patterns, color changes from board-to-board, and sap wood). These products include the process of fuming (see below), bleaching and chemical treatments. Additionally, please note that finishes and colors/finishes do change over time due to direct exposure to sunlight, the amount of traffic on the floor, general wear and tear, and the aging of the wood/color are all factors to consider. 

When reproducing a finish for purchasing additional material or for reorders; we take every precaution to provide a finish that matches the initially provided product as close as possible. However, we cannot guarantee an exact match due to the factors listed above. Please keep this in mind when purchasing said material and make sure to advise a Cochran’s Lumber representative in regards to color consistency requirements before placing your order.


Fuming is a process, not a color. Our standard process time is 24 hours. The color or shade is subject to change per any given load due to multiple variables including, humidity, temperature, volume, material grade and wood species just to name a few. Once installed, it has a tendency to change overtime (oxidize) which makes it very difficult to repeat the process to match any existing fumed job. Please bear in mind all of these factors when you consider placing an order for any fumed product. Need more information on fuming? Check out our blog post. 


When our team sends out a sample box, please acknowledge that we strive to make our samples the best representation of the finished product. However, please expect variation that may or may not be shown within the samples due to the unique nature of the wood. Though we would like to, it is not possible to capture every variation of the finished product with a small sample piece. When reviewing samples please keep this in mind. If you have any questions or concerns about variations please contact a representative.

Purchasing (Proposals/Invoices)

Once you’ve received your formal quote/proposal, please review all specifications and conditions to ensure that they are satisfactory and reflective of the requested details. If you have been provided with product drawings, please closely review the details before moving forward. 

If all of the items listed on the proposal are satisfactory and you choose to proceed with placing your order, we will need you to send a signed copy of this proposal back to us, along with a 50% deposit. We cannot process the order until the signed copy of this proposal and a 50% deposit is received by us. This deposit can be paid via check, or credit/debit card. We also have a fast and convenient ACH processing system. You can send us a digital or faxed copy of a check and we can process it without the need for you to mail the original. We just require that you provide us with your written approval to do so, either on the fax page or in the email body – Example: “Approved for ACH processing on proposal #50500”, or “Please process via ACH for proposal #50500”.

Once your order has been completed you will receive an invoice. Payment must be remitted prior to delivery or pick up. If you are picking up your order, please call ahead to let us know when you are coming so we can have it ready for you. As previously stated, payment can also be made via debit/credit card, check, or ACH. A link will be attached to your invoice email for online payments.

Please note: The prices reflected on this proposal are subject to market fluctuation and availability. 


Cochran’s Lumber will store a customer’s order for 14 days after completion. After 14 days customers will be charged weekly storage fees based on the quantity of material stored due to limited storage space. 14 days from the date of invoicing, customers must pick up or schedule delivery of the order. If they do not pick up or schedule delivery, storage fees will begin to accrue at the minimum rate of $200.00 per week for up to 2,000 square feet and $0.10 per square foot for any amount exceeding 2,000 square feet. Balance must be paid on ALL storage fees prior to pick up, delivery, or shipping of your order.

All local Cochran’s Lumber deliveries are tailgate only – customers are required to provide adequate labor for unloading material on site.


Once you receive your material at the site, it is important to allow your material to acclimate. The acclimation process simply allows your material to adjust to the environment where it is to be installed. This is to prevent the wood from expanding/contracting during or soon after installation. An ideal room condition for flooring and all wood products (packaged or unpackaged) would be the following:

  • RH (Relative Humidity) must be 30%-55%
  • Room temperature must be above 60 degrees fahrenheit and below 80 degrees fahrenheit
  • Prevent placing the flooring material directly onto concrete if it is being stored in a garage or basement area. Stack the floor onto a few solid pieces of scrap lumber to elevate it a few inches from the ground.
  • Do not store flooring where it is subject to water exposure or excessive dampness.
  • Covering your flooring with an industrial blanket, sheet, tarp, or plastic can prevent scratches, exposure to equipment, and damage.

Allow the floor to acclimate for a minimum of 3 days prior to installation. A preferable acclimation period is 5 days.

Review Your Material

It is important to carefully review your material once it arrives and has properly acclimated. After you’ve unpackaged your product, please examine to ensure the product has been made to the provided specifications. This step must be taken prior to installation so that we can handle any claims made for defective/damaged products.

  • All product claims must be made prior to installation
  • Flooring must be inspected for quality of manufacturing/grade and moisture content. It is our responsibility to provide a dry, well manufactured and carefully crafted product,  but it is your responsibility to confirm this before installation.
  • If the flooring you received is Random Footages of Widths, please note the pattern in which the floor is laid may have to be adjusted accordingly.


  • If your product is damaged, defective, or not up to the quality/standards that we have provided in the information above, by one of our representatives, or across our website, we will gladly review any provided claims from our customers.
  • ALL claims must be submitted via a formal claim form. We will not respond to claims sent through email or made over the phone unless they have been labeled as a “Formal Product Claim” and have been submitted through our website. 
  • Claims must be made within 30 days of receiving your product.
  • We will not respond to claims made in reference to information that we have provided in the terms and conditions section above. All claims regarding: Lead times, Products, Pricing/Overages, Finish/Color, Samples, Purchasing, Shipping/LTL freight, Reviewing Your Material, Acclimation, Installation, Defects, Damage and Touch-up kits that are not specifically unique outside of our terms and conditions page will not be accepted as a valid claim. 
  • We reserve the right to determine whether a claim is to be accepted based on the criteria of the claim and whether or not proper information and specifications were provided. If we deem the proper information was provided and the claim is in regards to said information given prior to placement of the order, this claim will not be accepted.

Touch-up Kits

Cochran’s Lumber will provide touch up kits as needed if requested by the customer. That being said, we are only responsible for providing the stain/finish. We are not responsible for the outcome of the stain/finish. Each of our finishes have a specific system that is calibrated to an exact sand, brush, wipe, dry time, denib process, and amount of finish per square foot. Without having all of these factors exact we can not guarantee an exact match.Please keep this in mind when applying a provided touch up or finish kit.  


A signed proposal and deposit on your order indicates that you have read, understood, and agreed to all of the terms and conditions listed above. 

Private Policy

Cochran’s Lumber takes the privacy of our clients very seriously. We promise to never sell or make public any of our clients personal information. Please note that we do collect your data from a variety of ways:

  • When you become a subscriber of our emails
  • When you place an order
  • When you enter data on our social media pages, such as promotions and giveaways.
  • When you speak to or email a customer service representative.