5 Reasons to Choose Solid Wood Flooring


Why Solid Wood Flooring?

If you’re thinking about flooring options for your home, there’s no doubt you’ve considered hardwood flooring. It’s a natural fit for any home, and offers an array of benefits that few other flooring types can.  Following are 5 Reasons to Choose Solid Wood Flooring.  Wood flooring now comes in many different colors, finishes and styles, from elegant oaks and cherries to sturdy, knotty hickories.

At Cochran’s Lumber and Millwork, you’ll see a wide variety of wood with custom finishing as well as pre-finished flooring. Whatever your vision is for your home, there is sure to be a wood floor that will give you the look you want. Wood has many advantages as a flooring choice.

Safe and Clean

  • Wood floors don’t attract or hold allergens, dirt or mold.
  • They’re ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • Wood is easy to maintain and doesn’t require chemicals to clean it.

Environmentally Friendly

  • Wood is a sustainable resource; wood flooring is carbon neutral and through forestry management, wood is being harvested with minimal environmental impact.
  • Wood is considered the most environmentally friendly flooring choice.
  • The manufacturing of wood uses far fewer chemicals and less water than manufacturing of other flooring.
  • Reclaimed wood rescues old wood from rot–or a landfill–and gives it new life.
  • Wood can always be recycled or burnt for fuel.
  • Wood floors don’t require toxic cleaners.

Resale Value

  • The majority of homebuyers want hardwood floors.
  • Only 10 percent prefer carpet, laminate or vinyl.
  • A wood floor is a guaranteed return on your investment when it comes to reselling your home.


  • Wood outlasts any other type of flooring.
  • Carpet has to be replaced every 10 years or so.
  • Vinyl and laminate are prone to scratching.
  • If treated with some care, a hardwood floor never needs to be replaced.

Easy Care

  • You can refinish a wood floor when it starts to look worn and restore it to its former beauty.
  • Simple sweeping and mopping will keep wood gleaming; you don’t need extra equipment, hard-to-find products or special techniques to clean it.
  • Engineered wood does not need refinishing.

Timeless Beauty

The traditional, timeless beauty of hardwood flooring cannot be matched by any other flooring. And there’s no need to limit yourself to one look or type. Wood can be adapted to any style of décor; it adds natural character and warmth, and can make rooms look bigger.

At Cochran’s you can select from reclaimed wood, old growth wood, harvested wood and engineered wood. Our custom finishing will give you the exact look you want. If you need quicker, easier installation, opt for our pre-finished flooring.

The Right Choice

If you’ve decided that hardwood floors are the best choice for you, make another good decision and visit our digital showroom. You’ll see all the beautiful wood we have on offer, and with one call you’ll be on your way to selecting just the right product for your flooring project.

We are a family-owned business with deep roots in the hills and valley’s of Virginia. We are outfitted with modern machinery but we still do work that requires painstaking, dedicated craftsmanship of the type you may have thought was lost. It’s very much alive at our millworks. Call or visit us today and discover the Cochran’s difference.