Applications of Reclaimed Wood


Reclaimed Wood

From the aesthetic value to the cost implications, there are various reasons as to why reclaimed wood features are currently quite popular. As it stands, it seems like the surge in demand is set to continue. You might be wondering how best to integrate the use of reclaimed timber with your existing features. In this article, we discuss the best applications of reclaimed wood.

Why you should opt for Reclaimed

Reclaimed wood is simply processed wood, recycled for new use. You can use the addition of a recycled timber fixture to connect a room to nature by creating a wonderfully rustic look. As inspired by Scandinavian-style homes, using the beautiful textures afforded by used wood such as barn wood immediately injects character into any space.

The sustainable credibility of reclaimed timber is an additional benefit. Encouraging recycling and revitalization of existing wood for new purposes contributes significantly towards improving the environment.

Today, reclaimed timber is an established and popular interior design material due to its environmental benefits and versatile options when it comes to application. As such, some of the most popular manners to incorporate reclaimed timber into your home include:

Feature walls

Recycled wood can be successfully used for a feature wall, especially when contrasted with pale tones. Wood absorbs a lot of light, making it necessary to balance it out with a light palette. Depending on the selected combination of lighting and furnishings, as well as the type of reclaimed timber, you can use a feature wall to create a polished contemporary appearance or traditional log cabin feel. Since there is a wide variety when it comes to types of wood, you can make each of your feature walls a match. On the other hand, with the availability of such an array, you can easily put together a unique combination.

Wood flooring

Choosing distressed and reclaimed timber for your flooring makes for an ideal rustic living space, quite suitable for a country cottage filled with warm feelings and texture. Darker woods offer a rich and elegant design fit for contemporary features while light toned woods can make small rooms brighter. You will also enjoy every benefit afforded by wood flooring without incurring the high costs once you install reclaimed timber flooring.

Beams and Mantels

Mantels are probably the most popular use for single beams. Reclaimed beams and mantels add warmth and charm to any room and will coordinate with any style.

Custom Finishing is another consideration to achieve your personal touch. Some people prefer a beam with its chips, scratches and wear marks intact. But you may want a more polished look. Custom finishing will preserve the wood’s depth and color while giving it a deeper glow and smoothness.
Hand-hewn beams are naturals for country-style homes but they can also add a surprisingly modern feel, especially when blended with industrial elements.

Dining Table

A bold dining table made of reclaimed timber can make your dining space unique, especially since the appearance and feel of your new solid wood table improve with age.


You can use reclaimed timber to create the feel of an austerity home and an entirely unique appearance by incorporating different types of wood for each door. Distressed wood works well when used for doors and you can use an eclectic mixture of timber throughout your home, matching the themes of every room.


Although it is subtle, adding a simple headboard made of reclaimed timber to your bed draws the eyes to that bed, making it the center of the room. The headboard also adds a natural dimension to the bedroom, enhancing relaxation. The addition of a natural dimension is particularly effective in rural areas where the chosen wood reflects the tone outdoors. Your existing palette plays a significant role when it comes to determining the type of wood to use.

Reclaimed Wood Products

It is important to considering the current features of a room and how best you can ensure they complement the addition of reclaimed timber regardless of how you want to incorporate the wood into that project. Using too many contrasting types of wood could result in clashing textures, leading to a cluttered appearance as opposed to a desirable and balanced tranquility.

The use of reclaimed timber is eco-friendly since it allows you to recycle existing material and does not add to your carbon footprint. It is also relatively inexpensive while offering the same benefits as new wood.

You can create a bold statement in your home using a small piece of reclaimed timber while an entire floor creates an incredibly natural warmth, which you can never achieve using synthetic materials of the same price tag.  Contact Cochran’s Lumber today and learn more about trends and applications of reclaimed wood solutions.