Where in the world is Bird Haven VA…


Project Spotlight – Bird Haven with Cochran’s Lumber

The best part of my job is getting to go out and see our customers and their projects, in some really special and interesting places all over the country.  Cochran’s Lumber has provided flooring and millwork for some amazing homes in spectacular settings and historic places, but few have interested me more than a farm restoration project in little known Bird Haven, VA.

I am more than a little biased, but I do believe strongly that there just aren’t many places more beautiful, or rich in history, than the Shenandoah Valley, where I call home.  If you are lucky enough to make your way out to the little town of Basye VA, near Bryce Mountain Resort, on a clear fall day, then you couldn’t help but agree with me.  Nestled in the George Washington National Forest, just up the hill from the village of Basye, the unincorporated “town” of Bird Haven VA was established in the early 1900s as a bird sanctuary and a communal society by some wealthy local philanthropists.

The members of the community soon became known as the Shenandoah Community Workers, and a woodworking shop was built, where they produced well-crafted furniture, bowls, toys and more.  Eventually, a blacksmith shop and other buildings were added where tools and other crafts such as quilts, rugs, and blankets were made.

Bird Haven

I did some searching around a found a photo of their stamp on a bowl made by the community workers, likely in the 1930s.  These products can still be found occasionally in antique shops and estate sales, and have been said to bring high prices.

Cochran’s Lumber was fortunate to become involved in the restoration project of the historic home through working with the new property owners and their contractor, our friends at Conlon Construction.  As a result of the extensive renovation they planned, the owners needed to choose new flooring for the entire home.  They wanted something that was classic for both the area and the architectural style as well as beautiful and suited to their lifestyle.

Wide Plank Flooring Tradition

They also had an affinity for the wide plank antique pine floors found in some of the oldest homes in America, on Nantucket Island.

Wide widths and long lengths were very important to achieving the aesthetic they desired and found that our American Heritage Heart Pine flooring was the right choice.  After having a chance to get back in the home after their floors were finished, I can’t help but agree, and take some pride in the fact that the house and floors, look spectacular.

Reclaimed Wood has History

In the following gallery, you can see some of the interior shots as well as some of remaining structures on the farm.  Now that the owners have completed the restoration of the historic home, they are beginning the restoration process on the antique structures.  I believe the plans are to restore them to their original glory to serve as a sort of living museum that will be open to the public.

In addition to all this excitement, there is also a working sustainable farm operation which used a large portion of the land there to produce local beef, pork, poultry, and vegetables.  I will be sure to add an update about the farm operation once it is complete and open to the public.


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