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Shenandoah Blend

One of our favorite flooring options (either solid or engineered) is the Shenandoah Blend.  As the name states, this wood flooring solution is a mixed blend of reclaimed wood from the Shenandoah region.  That means, fences, barns, cabins and even warehouses.

This mix of woods pays homage to one of the most treasured, scenic sites in Virginia, the Shenandoah Valley. The first settlers were struck speechless by its beauty and today, climbers and hikers find the sight of the Shenandoah’s vast acres of trees just as breathtaking.


Picture of Shenandoah Blend from Cochran's Lumber


Logging and clearing almost deforested the Shenandoah Valley until the National Park Service began preservation efforts, and now it is almost fully forested again. A hike through these hills takes you back in time to an earlier day when trees reached the sky and wood of all kinds was abundant.

Early settlers and colonists used a mix of these woods to build homes, barns, and sheds. At Cochran’s, we take pride in rescuing these beams and timbers to give them new life. Today’s consumers are looking for wood that shows history and character, and our Shenandoah Blend has both.

A Color Explosion

Most than half of the trees blanketing the green hills of the Shenandoah are chestnut oak and red oak. These are sturdy woods that symbolize strength and fortitude. They also boast deep, shaded colors.


Cochrans Shenandoah Blend Flooring


If you hike through these woods, you’ll see pale birches, brightly-colored poplars, silvery ash trees, deep-chocolate hickory, whitish maple, and purple-flowering mountain laurel. It’s a landscape that could only flourish here.

That same gorgeous, ever-changing mix of shades and styles is present in Cochran’s Shenandoah Blend. We’ve taken the best of these heirloom American woods to create a wood that has echoes of the past with a distinctly modern edge. Each wood brings its own distinctive character to the mix.

A Rich History

The beauty of the blend is found in Red and white oaks, in particular, as they reveal interesting patterns and flecks when they’re sawn and stained. Maple presents a smooth, white appearance while cherry shades from pale pink to deep red-gold.

Hickory is known as a wood hard enough to craft tools and ornamental items. Here, it adds a bold pop of its distinctive nut-brown color and fine grain. Cherry and poplar are softer woods that bring bright color to the mix. Ash and beech take especially well to staining, which reveals their most interesting markings.


Cochrans Shenandoah Blend Mixed Custom Floors


Early settlers and colonists used a mix of woods to build their homes, sheds, barns, and workshops. At Cochran’s, we view these abandoned buildings as a gold mine. These structures yield wood materials that have been tested by time, weather and use. The wood shows the markings left by early woodworkers who sawed it, sanded it and stained it with the tools at hand, all of which left their own marks.

A Gorgeous Future

At Cochran’s, we know that flooring isn’t just something you walk on. Your floor is the foundation of your home. The right flooring sets the tone for your whole house, adding elegance to a room or to a whole floor.

We know that flooring can be a work of art. Our Shenandoah Blend is proof of that.

Bring the Shenandoah Home

The first explorers who came to the Shenandoah Valley were led by a spirit of adventure and found beauty beyond their imagining. That same spirit of adventure lives on in this exciting, eclectic mix of classic woods.


Shenandoah Blend Barn Board Paneling


Now you can bring home the history and spirit of the Shenandoah in this beautiful blend of reclaimed flooring. The Shenandoah Blend, as with all of our flooring products, is available in a smooth or distressed finish, expertly crafted by Cochran’s skilled artisans. Either one is certain to create a look of timeless elegance in your home that is sure to capture compliments and conversation for ages to come.

Our team of wood flooring experts can guide you through the selection process to find the perfect fit for your next project. Contact us to learn how Cochran’s can bring reclaimed elegance and history into your next project.


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