Introducing Cochran’s Color Variation Scale: A New Standard in Hardwood Flooring


In the world of hardwood flooring, understanding the natural diversity of wood is crucial to setting the right expectations. That’s why at Cochran’s Lumber, we’re proud to introduce our Color Variation Scale. This tool is designed to guide our customers through the natural variations in wood color and grain, ensuring clarity and confidence in your flooring choices.

Designed for homeowners, interior designers, and architects, the Color Variation Scale is an invaluable resource in aiding informed decisions and better aligning design visions with the natural characteristics of hardwood flooring.

The Genesis of the Color Variation Scale

Our commitment to customer satisfaction and transparency has led us to develop this Color Variation Scale. Recognizing that wood, as a natural material, comes with inherent variations, we sought a way to communicate these differences effectively. This scale is our answer to bridging the gap between expectation and reality, providing a clear, visual guide to the unique character of each plank.

How the Scale Works

The Color Variation Scale is straightforward yet informative, ranging from 1 to 5. Each number on the scale represents a degree of color variation you might find in our hardwood flooring selections:

  • Level 1: Minimal variation. Planks in this category are remarkably consistent in color and pattern, offering a uniform look.
  • Level 2: Slight variation. Here, you’ll notice subtle differences from plank to plank, adding a hint of natural diversity to your flooring.
  • Level 3: Moderate variation. This mid-point on the scale introduces a more pronounced color diversity, balancing uniformity with natural wood character.
  • Level 4: High variation. Expect a vibrant array of tones and patterns, showcasing the wood’s natural beauty in its full spectrum.
  • Level 5: Maximum variation. Floors in this category are truly one-of-a-kind, with each plank telling its own story through distinct color and grain patterns.

Why It Matters

Choosing hardwood flooring is a significant decision, and we believe in empowering our customers with as much information as possible. The variation scale helps set realistic expectations, ensuring that you are fully aware of the natural variations that come with your chosen wood type. This transparency not only enhances customer satisfaction but also celebrates the inherent beauty of natural wood.

Cochran’s Commitment to Excellence

At Cochran’s Lumber, every initiative we undertake is driven by our commitment to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction. The introduction of the Color Variation Scale is a testament to this commitment, ensuring that every customer journey with us is informed, clear, and fulfilling.

We invite you to explore the beauty and diversity of our hardwood flooring options, guided by our innovative Color Variation Scale. Contact us today to experience firsthand the natural charm and uniqueness that Cochran’s flooring brings to every space.

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