Creating Visual Interest with Natural Materials


Layering Natural Elements in your Home

Cochran’s Lumber flooring provides the foundation for interior spaces. Many times, our flooring is the first decision a homeowner makes, and other elements such as fixtures, furnishings, colors, etc. are added later.

Layering complementary natural elements can add visual interest, create continuity, and make your space meaningful. Here are some tips on how to layer natural elements in your home. 

Image of Interior with Layered Elements

1. Mix textures while staying consistent with color.

Textures like sisal and other natural fiber rugs mixed with dimensional textiles can be layered to create a lived-in feeling. Stay within the same color family to avoid making the space feel chaotic.

This client chose to keep the furnishings in this room fairly neutral to complement the natural tones of the white oak flooring.

Image of Hardwood Mantel

2. Mix natural materials to anchor a space.

Give your space character by mixing natural elements such as stone, metals, brick, wood, and fiber. Foundational pieces can make a room feel grounded and add substance.

The natural anchors allow decorative accents and pops of color to sparkle, and they can easily be swapped out as trends evolve. Custom wood box beam used as a mantel, by Sawmill Designs.

Image of interior using natural elements to create a inviting space

3. Consider alternative fabrics.

In this client’s dining space, leather, fur, metals, woods, cork, glass all work together to create a dynamic room. Because of the neutral colors selected, that are echoed in the artwork and the foundational elements of the room, this eclectic mix of soft goods works well. 

Image of plants integrated interior space to expand influence of design

4. Plants add interest.

Don’t underestimate the impact a thoughtfully placed plant can have in your home. By choosing complementary wooden and iron stands, thoughtfully selected pots and vessels that continue to the color scheme, and rich green-hued vegetation, you can add another layer of interest to your space.

Image of foyer with natural light flowing

5. Keep it simple.

Don’t over-layer your space! Allow the natural elements, like flooring, sunlight, and other architectural details of your home to speak for themselves. Edit your space with things that you truly love, and that tell a story when placed together. 

Image of cutting board adding layer of natural touch

6. Elevate everyday items.

A rich, wooden cutting board rather than a plastic one, a crisp linen napkin instead of a throw-away paper one, a mug that feels good in your hand. Start small and swap your regularly used items for ones made of natural materials that you love to use and love to display. Custom reclaimed wood cutting board, by Sawmill Designs.


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