Custom Engineered Flooring


Engineered Flooring

Cochran’s Lumber & Millwork has a history of adopting cutting edge technology to serve its clients with beautiful wood flooring.  While new equipment is essential in order to manage the manufacturing cycle, the value of the individual craftsman is key to creating the custom engineered flooring with the finishes our clients desire.

Natural Hickory Flooring Cochrans Lumber

Wood Flooring

Our sustainably engineered hardwood flooring is a quarter-inch veneer of hand-finished hardwood that is affixed to a plywood substrate (backing).

Some unique features of Cochran’s is the use of beautifully restored antique or newly milled American hardwoods such as heart pine and sawn oak – all pre-finished by our top-notch craftsmen.


Versatility of Engineered Flooring

Unlike solid hardwood, engineered flooring can be applied on concrete slabs to give home basements, offices, retail spaces and high-rise residential spaces the beauty, character and warmth of flooring made from pine, oak and other fine hardwoods.

In a recent post we shared a brief comparison of solid hardwood vs engineered flooring – read more here.

Finishes and Care

Custom handcrafted finishes add a level of personalization to each board of flooring.  We offer a number of custom options – hand scrapped hickory, live sawn oak wire brushed with white finish to custom square pegs.



Maintenance of a custom engineered floor in the same manner as a solid hardwood floor.  And like solid hardwood, an engineered floor can be sanded and refinished over time to renew its beauty.  Browse our custom wood floor finishes here


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Cochran’s Lumber is proud to be the leading provider of spectacular floors for homes, offices, and retail spaces across America! Our newly redesigned showroom was thoughtfully designed to make the selection of flooring and finishes exciting and simple. We feature a variety of new and reclaimed flooring products and many new and unique finishes.

We are proud to offer an inviting space where customers can come and get a clear visual of the many types of hardwood flooring options that we offer, and feel comfortable at the same time.

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