Five Reasons to Choose Cochran’s Lumber Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring for Your Home


In a world where trends come and go, there’s something timeless and enduring about antique hardwood flooring. At Cochran’s, the craftsmanship of reclaiming American wood from old barns and buildings is nurtured. If you’re contemplating the flooring choice for your home, here are five compelling reasons to opt for the storytelling charm of Cochran’s Reclaimed Hardwood flooring.

1) Time-Tested Durability

Reclaimed hardwood floors have stood the test of time, showcasing a durability that modern materials often struggle to match. Crafted from slow-growing trees and bearing years of weight, Cochran’s antique hardwoods boast exceptional strength and resilience. American reclaimed wood ensures your flooring investment will last for generations.

2) Heritage-Inspired Aesthetics

When you choose reclaimed hardwood flooring from Cochran’s, you’re not just selecting a surface to walk on; you’re investing in a piece of history. Each plank tells a unique story, bearing the marks of its own journey through time. The rich patina, warm tones, and distinct character make reclaimed hardwood floors a stunning centerpiece for any home, resonating with a genuine appreciation for American heritage.

3) Crafted with Trustworthy Workmanship

Cochran’s Lumber is built on a foundation of trust and dedication to superior workmanship. When you choose Cochran’s reclaimed hardwood flooring, you can be confident that you’re receiving a product meticulously crafted by skilled artisans. They take pride in delivering not just a floor but a masterpiece that adds value and charm to your home.

4) Stability in Changing Environments

The natural aging and acclimatization process of reclaimed wood often results in improved stability. This makes it less susceptible to warping, cupping, or shrinking, especially in environments with varying humidity levels. As you consider the right option for your home, Cochran’s reclaimed hardwood flooring offers a time-tested and time-improved choice.

5) Versatile Timeless Elegance

The enduring beauty of reclaimed hardwood seamlessly blends with various interior styles. Cochran’s Lumber offers a wide range of finishes and plank sizes, allowing you to create a personalized look that mirrors your individual taste while preserving the timeless charm of genuine, heritage-inspired craftsmanship.


You can’t go wrong with Cochran’s Lumber reclaimed hardwood flooring. Whether it be the quality of our floors, the unique story behind each board, or the environmental benefits of reclaimed wood, Cochran’s will always be the best choice.

Check out our unique process below to see just how much we care about our craft.

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