Hardwood Floors and Humidity


Hardwoods and Humidity

Humidity can play a major role in how well your flooring looks over the years. For both solid and engineered wood floors, Cochran’s recommends keeping the levels in your home or office between 35% and 55%.

If humidity levels drop below 35% it can cause your wood to dry out, resulting in splintering and cracking along the grains. Low levels can also damage the finish, which can be troublesome when it is time to clean the floors.

On the other hand, high humidity levels can also wreak havoc on your flooring. Too much moisture in a room and the boards can swell. The swelling then creates pressure on the boards, results in warping or cupping.

Managing Humidity Levels

Cochran’s recommends checking humidity levels in a room using a humidistat or hydrometer. If levels are too high, use a dehumidifier or turn up the A/C. If levels are too low, try a humidifier to boost the overall moisture content.


Humidity Levels with Wood Flooring from Cochrans Lumber



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