Holiday Decor Inspiration: How to Showcase Your Hardwood Floors


As the holiday season peeks around the corner, your hardwood floors deserve to shine amidst the shimmering lights and décor. At Cochran’s Lumber, we’re here to level up your holiday decor inspiration, spotlighting ways to showcase your hardwood flooring.

Infusing Tradition with Elegance

Hardwood floors, with their inherent timeless appeal, provide a rich canvas upon which your holiday decor can unfold:

  • Highlight with Lights: Strategically place lights to cast a gentle glow on your hardwood, accentuating the wood’s natural grains and textures.
  • Rugs that Respect: Select area rugs that complement your hardwood’s tone without completely concealing its beauty, creating cozy spots that invite conversation and connection.

Harmonizing Colors: Celebrating Cochran’s Palette

Our diverse, exclusive collections, from the dark, rich hues of our Western Waves series to the gentle, embracing tones of the Ascetic collection, cater to a spectrum of aesthetic and stylistic preferences:

  • Contrast and Complement: Integrate decorations that contrast yet complement your floor’s color, allowing the unique shades and textures of your Cochran’s hardwood floor to pop through.
  • Unified Themes: Choose a color theme for your decorations that harmoniously binds with your flooring, offering a seamless visual experience across your spaces.

The Art of Subtle Showcasing: Letting the Wood Speak

Your hardwood floors carry within them a story, each plank showcasing years past uses, stories, and craftsmanship. Let them speak amidst your holiday decor:

  • Minimalist Magic: Adopt a minimalist decor approach, allowing the authentic beauty of your hardwood to take center stage amidst subtle, refined decorations.
  • Natural Elements: Infuse your decor with elements that echo the natural, authentic essence of your hardwood, such as pine cones, greenery, and wood-centric decorations.

Respecting the Character of Antique and Reclaimed Wood

For homes adorned with antique or reclaimed wood from Cochran’s, the history embedded within every plank offers a unique narrative to your holiday decor:

  • Vintage Vibes: Opt for decorations that resonate with a vintage charm, paying homage to the historical essence of your antique hardwood.
  • Nostalgic Nuances: Select ornaments and decor that reflect a bygone era, letting your floors and decorations together narrate a timeless holiday tale.

Engineered Excellence: Modern Holiday Vibes

For those who’ve chosen our engineered hardwood, your floors marry tradition with modernity, offering a contemporary backdrop to your holiday scenes:

  • Modern Decor: Choose modern, chic decorations that align with the contemporary appeal of engineered hardwood, creating a space that’s both trendy and cozy.
  • Bold Statements: Don’t shy away from bold, eye-catching decorations that draw attention yet allow the sophistication of your engineered hardwood to subtly shine through.

High-traffic areas require flooring that’s both resilient and beautiful. Engineered hardwood offers the perfect blend of both. Visit Cochran’s Lumber today to explore our unique and extensive selection of engineered hardwood floors. Your perfect floor is just a click away!

Craft Your Holiday With Cochran’s

Your floors, crafted with the dedicated expertise of generations, await to become the stage upon which your holiday memories will gracefully dance. We invite you to explore the world of Cochran’s, where each plank is a chapter of a story, ready to be woven into the tapestry of your home and holiday traditions. Begin exploring the myriad of possibilities with Cochran’s here and let’s embark on a festive journey that bridges elegance, tradition, and heartfelt stories.

If you’re intrigued and would like to explore more, visit our showroom in historic Berryville, VA (only 50 miles west of Washington D.C), or give us a call at 1(877) 297-8331. Let’s find the perfect hardwood flooring that you’ll be proud to call your own.

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