What’s New at Cochran’s Lumber: Innovations and Expansions to Watch


At Cochran’s Lumber, we are constantly evolving to meet and exceed industry standards and customer expectations. This past year has been particularly transformative, with significant advancements in our production capabilities, product offerings, and commitment to innovation. From introducing a state-of-the-art Roll Coat Finishing Line to expanding our color palette dramatically, here’s what’s new and notable at Cochran’s.

Exciting Developments at Cochran’s Lumber

Roll Coat Finishing Line: We have recently added a Roll Coat Finishing Line to our production arsenal. This new addition not only enhances our finishing capabilities but also increases our efficiency, allowing us to handle projects of any scale while maintaining the artisanal quality Cochran’s is known for.

Record Production Levels: Our production has soared to all-time highs, reflecting our ability to meet the growing demand for our products without compromising on quality. This scale-up in production ensures that we can serve more customers and take on larger projects with ease.

Surge in Innovation: Innovation is at the heart of what we do at Cochran’s Lumber. Over the past year, we have embraced cutting-edge technologies and methods that have allowed us to stay ahead of market trends and offer products that are not yet available elsewhere.

Expansion of Color Options: In response to the diverse needs of our clients, we have introduced 24 brand-new colors in the last year alone. This expansion greatly enhances our ability to offer personalized and unique solutions for any design requirement.

Introduction of European Oak: To offer more competitive pricing while retaining the luxury and custom quality Cochran’s is renowned for, we have introduced European Oak into our product lineup. This addition provides our clients with more choices and flexibility in achieving their desired aesthetic without sacrificing quality.

Detailed Discussion

Each of these developments reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation:

  1. Technological Advancements: The new Roll Coat Finishing Line exemplifies our dedication to adopting the latest technologies to refine our production process and output.
  2. Product Quality and Diversity: By expanding our color palette and introducing new wood types like European Oak, we cater to a broader range of tastes and project requirements, ensuring every client finds the perfect match.
  3. Market Leadership: Our focus on staying ahead of trends not only positions Cochran’s as a leader in the hardwood industry but also ensures that our clients have access to the very latest in wood flooring and finishing.

Unique Selling Points

Bespoke Solutions: Our ever-expanding range of colors and materials allows us to offer bespoke solutions unmatched in the industry.

Technological Edge: With the latest machinery and innovative processes, we guarantee superior product quality and faster turnaround times.

Sustainable Choices: Introducing European Oak reflects our commitment to providing sustainable yet luxurious options for our clients.


As we continue to grow and innovate at Cochran’s Lumber, we invite you to explore the new possibilities with us. Whether you are looking for the latest in hardwood flooring trends or custom solutions tailored to your needs, Cochran’s Lumber is here to deliver excellence. Visit us today to see how our new developments can enhance your next project. Reach out to us and let’s create something beautiful together!

Visit our Berryville showroom (just 50 miles west of Washington D.C.) or call us at 1(877) 297-8331.

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