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INSPIRATIONS, For our April 2017 Inspirations Newsletter, Cochran’s Lumber is proud to feature Millennial Properties of Northern Virginia. Eliott Salzer, founder and President of Millennial Properties, chose Cochran’s as the lumber and flooring provider on a unique project – a complete renovation of an old carriage house in historic Leesburg, Virginia. Complete with modern amenities such as a sound-proof recording studio, our Antique Oak flooring and Barn Board siding is featured throughout the carriage house, giving the space a high level of rustic comfort and ambiance all while preserving the historic significance of the renovation.


image of barn siding replacement by Cochran's Lumber


Please give us an overview of Millennial Properties.

Millennial Properties is a full service general contractor and construction manager with a focus on historically accurate restorations and sustainable construction.  Due to the size of our company, we take on a limited number of projects at a time and pride ourselves on providing the client with exceptional attention to detail and communication throughout the project.


Cochran’s Lumber was proud to partner with Millennial Properties on a historic carriage house renovation in Downtown Leesburg. What history can you tell us about the barn?

The barn was originally built in the mid to late 1800s.  Our restoration was designed to maintain the historic facade of the original barn while updating the interior with modern amenities.  The barn was lifted, allowing for a foundation to be poured and the original stonework to be repaired, and the barn was then set back to the new foundation.  The original timber frame structure was then insulated and suited with modern HVAC, plumbing & electrical systems, providing the clients with maximum energy efficiency.  Because the original frame was buried in the wall segment, the clients purchased an 18th-century timber frame that was reclaimed from a barn in upstate New York.  The new frame was then constructed using traditional 18th-century techniques, providing the modern interior with a historically accurate feel.  The majority of the interior paneling was reclaimed from the original structure.


Image of full wood overhaul barn siding, flooring, stairs and stairs


What services and products did Cochran’s supply Millennial with for this renovation?

Due to the nature of being located in a historic district, it was vital to maintain the original facade of the barn during our restoration.  Cochran’s took our raw lumber and brought it to life by ripping all of the exterior boards and battens, as well as undertaking the painstaking process of matching the original color and character of the barn.  They also provided a significant portion of the reclaimed interior flooring, wall paneling, barn door material, and all of the hand-hewn lumber utilized to build the staircase.


picture of renovated barn full reclaimed lumber


Why did you select Cochran’s for this project? What distinguishes our flooring and millwork from other providers?

Cochran’s is one of the few companies that specialize in reclaimed flooring and all things barn-wood.  They are a true wealth of knowledge and were an invaluable resource to keep the authentic look and feel of a traditional 18th-century barn.


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