INSPIRATIONS – Cochran’s Lumber August Newsletter


For our August Newsletter – INSPIRATIONS, Cochran’s Lumber was delighted to sit down with George Massie, owner and manager of Hampton and Massie Construction, LLC. We are proud to feature Hampton & Massie’s Rivers Bend home and their use of our rustic flooring and beams. In addition, we also highlight a Rehoboth Beach home that features our White Oak flooring and stair treads.

Client Spotlight Hampton and Massie Construction, LLC.

Please give us an overview of Hampton & Massie Construction, LLC
Hampton & Massie, based in Washington, Virginia, specializes in building fine homes, additions, and renovations in the Virginia Piedmont.  We see a variety of unique and interesting designs ranging from dilapidated historic buildings in need of major restoration, to cutting-edge structures with combined steel frame and wood construction.  Our clientele often work with DC-based or other regional architecture firms.  Many of these designs are second homes or retreats for those who wish to pursue a country lifestyle.


What distinguishes Hampton & Massie Construction from other custom homebuilders?
In a world where so many building projects are geared for production style output, with multiple subcontractors performing a small piece of the work and then moving on, our in-house carpenters take ownership from start to finish.  Our crew is involved in every phase, setting a standard for all others who participate in the project.  We take great pride in our carefully selected crew members, not only for their extensive experience and skills, but also their ability to work cohesively with other talented artisans.

We typically combine old world craftsmanship with new world technology to create exceptional buildings.  We have the versatility to perform all phases of building and renovation and execute each stage so that the completed project – no matter its size or style – consistently reflects our signature premium finish.

Our clientele appreciate close supervision, high level craftsmanship and quality materials. We work exclusively with subcontractors and tradesmen who demonstrate expertise in their fields and superior workmanship.



Cochran’s Lumber and Millwork worked with Hampton & Massie on the River’s Bend residence.  Please tell us more about this project and the materials chosen from Cochran’s Lumber.
The owner’s vision for the River’s Bend guest/pool house was to build a place with old world charm combined with a few modern design elements.  With a dramatic site, high on a bluff overlooking the Thornton River, the idea was to make it look like it had been there a very long time. With most of the exterior clad in Virginia fieldstone harvested from the property, reclaimed lintel beams provided by Cochran’s were used  above the windows.

We also had two different types of wood siding:  Cochran’s provided a lap siding reclaimed from old barn boards.  For the board and batten siding portion, re-sawn white oak was used, which was left unfinished until it achieved a weathered patina.
The most involved and most important element for the interior work was the use of reclaimed hand hewn white oak timbers for the cathedral ceilings.  Size, scale and layout for the timbers were carefully considered and required use of both solid timbers and sawn “wrap” pieces.  Although none of it was structural to the building, it gave the appearance of being antique original framework.
The ceiling boards above the beam are a nice wide tongue and groove plank made of white oak and pre-finished by Cochran’s with a lovely lime wash.  All of this combined beautifully with the stone fireplace and French limestone floors.

Finally, for the hardwood floors, a random width antique distressed oak was used in the master bedroom, further adding overall character to the place.


Why have you selected Cochran’s for past projects and what do you enjoy the most about Cochran’s Lumber?
Having the resource to find antique and reclaimed wood and then produce it into a variety of products is an asset for a builder such as me.  More and more, people are drawn to using reclaimed materials in various applications.  Their factory prefinished wood products offer unique finishes which cannot be achieved on site.

Cochran’s millwork shop, sales team and customer service are superb and their comprehensive showroom is ideal for my clients.

Salvaging old buildings for reclaimed timber can be an arduous and challenging endeavor.  Cochran’s has always been a proven leader in this field.


Rivers Bend Guest House

Nestled between the picturesque foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains and the scenic Thornton River, this rustic pool house built by Hampton and Massie Construction has the perfect combination of rustic features with modern conveniences. Our Live Sawn White Oak and Antique Oak were beautifully featured throughout the home’s ceilings and floors. With views of both the mountains and the river, we can’t think of a better place to head for a weekend of swimming and relaxation!



North Shore Beach Home

Nestled in the North Shore neighborhood of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, this weekend getaway home is pure perfection! Our Live Sawn White Oak flooring was laid and beautifully finished throughout the home by Zorzi’s Creations LLC, complimenting the classic nautical theme. And check out the stair case! These treads were cut from a standing white oak tree, measure 12” thick, and add both rustic warmth and dramatic sophistication to the entire home.




Cochran’s Lumber and Millwork is proud to be the leading provider of spectacular floors for homes, offices, and retail spaces across America! Our newly redesigned showroom was thoughtfully designed to make the selection of flooring and finishes exciting and simple. We feature a variety of new and reclaimed flooring products and many new and unique finishes. 

We are proud to offer an inviting space where customers can come and get a clear visual of the many types of hardwood flooring options that we offer, and feel comfortable at the same time. 

Visit our showroom today in historic Berryville, VA (only 50 miles west of Washington D.C) or give us a call at 1(877) 297-8331.