Partner Spotlight: Lys + Nat Design


Cochran’s Lumber strives to provide resources for our clients that make their lives easier.

We collaborate regularly with Interior Designers who tap into those resources to educate their clients and make their work stand apart in the marketplace. Whether looking through samples, estimating timeline based on product availability, or utilizing our showroom as a meeting space for flooring selection, we want to be an extension of the Interior Design team.

We sat down with one of our regular Interior Design Partners, Lys + Nat Design, to walk through the way they utilize Cochran’s Lumber to support their business.

What was your experience at Cochran’s? Walk us through your meeting in the showroom…include sounds, smells, visuals, etc. 

We absolutely LOVE Cochran’s. The people, the product variety and the quality are all top notch. Cochran’s does a really great job with their showroom. They do it in a way where all their products are put on display but it is not overwhelming to the customer, or designer in our case. The team in the shop is super friendly and knowledgeable about all the different species, stains, techniques, etc. making it easier to put together the right combination for each client.

Describe the variety of products you looked through at Cochran’s showroom.

They have a LARGE variety of products displayed in their showroom, but it is done very simply. Keeping it simple but still showing the variety makes it less overwhelming for someone who may be new to the process…making the overall experience much better.

As an interior designer, what part of Cochran’s showroom is most valuable to you? 

Other than looking at the gorgeous wood, it would honestly be the help and knowledge of the team there! They are SUPER helpful and easy to work with, which really makes any options possible!

Did you see or learn things that you didn’t know prior to visiting the showroom in person?

Absolutely! There is so much you learn just by holding and feeling a selection. Understanding the texture you may not be able to grasp when viewing online, seeing the true colors, durability/softness of a certain type of wood. 

How have your clients benefited from a trip to Cochran’s showroom (or from your visit there)? 

Just to see the variety has been helpful. Whether they want something just a smidge darker, or grayer, or textured, they are able to see all those options there which is GREAT! They can walk away with a sample to see it in their space which is even better!

Material shortages are big right now. By working directly with Cochran’s we can deliver the right look at the right time, with minimal surprises.  

-Lys + Nat Design

How often do you use Cochran’s showroom? If this was your first visit, do you plan to go back? 

We honestly go to them for every job. Whether or not that is where we land on the final selection, we always bring it to the table. Being able to show the variety and the quality to clients usually just sells it for us.

What are some tips to making the most out of a visit to Cochran’s showroom? Any other Berryville businesses you’d stop by while in the area? 

Go in with a general idea of the shade or species + price point. It is easy to spend a pretty penny when your options our endless and everything is so pretty.

Berryville is such a cute town! We definitely make frequent trips to Hip and Humble for unique vintage decor finds. We love Cordial Coffee for a locally brewed treat.

Does “Made in America” and “Made in Berryville, Virginia” matter to you and your clients? Why or why not? 

LOVE made in America. Because who doesn’t LOVE America. I think Made in Berryville is also really awesome. We try to shop and support local businesses as much as we can and if we are able to push that on to our clients and keep spreading the word then that is awesome!

Cochran’s Lumber, Inc. is proud to be the leading provider of spectacular floors for homes, offices, and retail spaces across America! Our showroom was thoughtfully designed to make the selection of flooring and finishes exciting and simple. We feature a variety of new and reclaimed flooring products and many new and unique finishes. 

We are proud to offer an inviting space where customers can come and get a clear vision of the many types of hardwood flooring options that we offer, and feel comfortable at the same time. 

Visit our showroom today in historic Berryville, VA (only 50 miles west of Washington D.C), or give us a call at 1(877) 297-8331.

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