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Cochrans Tobaccowood Distressed Floors

Tobaccowood Hardwood Flooring – Distressed

Battletown Oak Hardwood Flooring

image of kitchen with wooden floor using Custom Stains

Custom Flooring Options

Image of American Heritage Flooring - Cochran's Lumber

Engineered Flooring

image of reclaimed wide plank flooring and more

Antique/Reclaimed Flooring

Custom Wood Flooring unique Shaker Gray 3 by Cochran's Lumber Made in the USA

Shaker Gray Hardwood Flooring

Image of WhiteHall Antique Oak wide plank flooring

Whitehall Hardwood Flooring

Tobaccowood Milled Custom Floors

Tobaccowood Hardwood Flooring – Milled

Cochrans Antique Chestnut Custom Floors

Antique Chestnut Hardwood Flooring

Cochrans Antique Oak Distressed Custom Floors

Antique Oak Hardwood Flooring – Distressed

Cochrans Antique Oak Milled Custom Floors

Antique Oak Hardwood Flooring – Milled

Cochrans Vintage Oak Custom Floors

Vintage Oak Hardwood Flooring