Fenwick Hardwood Flooring


Inspired by the tranquil woodlands and secluded beauty of Fenwick’s natural landscapes, Fenwick Hardwood Flooring brings the essence of forested tranquility into your home. Its palette, rich with earthy browns and hints of subtle greens, mirrors the diverse beauty of a forest floor. Offering a peaceful, natural foundation, Fenwick hardwood flooring is designed for homes seeking a deep, enduring connection with the natural world, ensuring a base that is as reliable as it is beautiful.

Species: American Heritage Heart Pine
Grades available: Character, Select
Structure: Solid, Engineered
Thickness: 5/8″ or 3/4″
Width:3″- 9″
Lengths: 2′ – 12′
Profile: Tongue and groove with Microbevel
End Matched: Yes
Finish Type: Urethane
Sheen: Matte or Stain
Texture: Smooth
Color Variation Scale*: 2


*Our Color variation scale measures how much any given color can change board to board. 5 having the most variation and 1 having the least.

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From heart pine to fresh sawn oak and other fine American woods, Cochran’s Lumber crafts spectacular, one-of-a-kind hardwood flooring for a wide range of spaces, styles and flooring budgets.

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