The Plains Farmhouse



The Plains, Virginia


The Streyle Family

Cochran’s Lumber provided the Streyle residence in The Plains, Virginia with stunning, solid hardwood flooring made of reclaimed antique oak. The flooring was installed throughout the main and upper level of their home, except for the mudroom and upper level baths. Tracy Streyle chose this particular flooring because she wanted it to look like it had been in their home for years and to give a sense of old farmhouse charm. Cochran’s Lumber crafted this flooring from reclaimed wood, which adds to its unique character, with every board being unique and having its own texture, knots, and holes.

The finished space reflects the Streyle family’s simple, traditional, and timeless style. They were extremely pleased with their experience with Cochran’s Lumber, particularly working with the team to choose the perfect flooring and custom stain. The flooring truly is “the jewel of their interior space”, says the homeowner.

They were happy to have found a local small business that was able to bring their vision to life. Overall, the Streyle family couldn’t be happier with their experience with Cochran’s Lumber and the beautiful, unique flooring that they have installed in their home.

Cochrans Antique Oak Distressed Custom Floors

Antique Oak Hardwood Flooring – Distressed