Pros and Cons of Urethane and Oil Finishes


Urethane and Oil Finishes – Wood Flooring

Cochran’s uses two different types of finishes when pre-finishing our flooring. When choosing what finish would be the best fit for your needs, the best decision will be made by considering how the floor will be used, maintained and cleaned.

Urethane Finishing

Urethane finishing protects the wood by putting a protective layer over the flooring, creating a barrier between your feet and the floor. It is an extremely durable finish and can be easily maintained with proper wood floor cleaners. The downside to urethane finishing is that when scratches happen, the only way to properly repair is to remove all the furniture from the space and to apply a complete uniform coat of finish.


Image of Urethane finished wood flooring from Cochrans Lumber

Oil Finishing

Oil finishing permeates the wood, fortifying and sealing each fiber. Ultimately this means that you are walking directly on the flooring with an oil-based finish. While this method has always been popular in the European market, it is quickly gaining speed here in the United States. It has a more rustic look than the traditional urethane finish. While not as durable as a urethane finish, oil finishes do offer greater flexibility in repairing any damage. When scratches do occur, they can be buffed and blended away relativity easy. The major con of oil finished floors is in the maintenance. These floors require more regular cleaning with special soaps and occasional nourishment and refreshment with oil.


Image of OIL prefinished wood flooring from Cochrans Lumber




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