Radiant Heat and Hardwood Flooring


Hardwoods and Heat

If you’re concerned about using radiant heat with your reclaimed wood floors, there’s nothing to worry about. This type of heating system is ideal for hardwood flooring and the combination will make your home warm and comfortable as well as beautiful.

Imagine never having to change the thermostat, wait for the heat to kick in or hear the sound of a fan starting. Imagine a home that is free from gas smells, dry air, circulating pollutants and the other not-so-wonderful side effects of forced air or baseboard heat.

Radiant systems have many advantages over traditional heating systems. In most cases they can work with a variety of energy sources

  • slash your energy use up to 40 percent, according to the National Association of Home Builders
  • don’t distribute allergens or viruses
  • are a green solution that can work with a variety of energy sources
  • can be used with any kind of flooring
  • are silent, with no noisy fans or boilers

More Freedom

Radiant systems also give you more styling options; you’ll be free from worries about blocking vents or registers, or where to place furniture and rugs so they don’t get destroyed by constant airflow. And because you’re not trying to force air upward, radiant systems are ideal for homes with high ceilings.

Now you can let your creativity flow, without thinking about vents, heaters, radiators, or having “too many” windows. You can focus on creating a space, or a home, that feels as good as it looks.

More Choices

When selecting a system, your best bet is to consult with your flooring professional, contractor or architect. Expert advice can help you make the choice that works for your flooring type, home structure and budget.

There are several types of heating system, including electric systems and those that use heated water as the main element. There are also different ways of installing them.

Our customers have reported excellent results with all types of radiant systems, and we feel confident that our custom flooring products will work with any of them. That said, if asked for a personal recommendation we would choose the Warmboard system. Warmboard is a great, versatile choice that will work whether your flooring is nailed down, glued down or a combination of both.

Moisture Content: Know More

The right balance of moisture content is essential to maintaining the luster of hardwood floors, which is why we always recommend an acclimation time before installing them. But did you know that acclimation is also important to your heating system?

Whatever radiant system you choose, both it and the wood flooring need to acclimate to your home environment, and to each other. Install the heating system first and make sure it is working well before you bring in the wood.

It is vital to get the right balance of moisture control and this can be tricky. With hardwood floors there may also be fastening issues and problems with uneven heating surfaces. Here again we recommend Warmboard, because none of these issues apply to a Warmboard installation.

More Enjoyment

Whether you’re installing reclaimed wood flooring, engineered flooring, ceramic tile, or even concrete floors, a radiant system will give you:

  • energy savings and almost no maintenance
  • a home that is clean, green and allergy-free
  • an eco-friendly heating system that will save you money
  • complete design freedom

Radiant systems are a great match with wood floors. Together they will allow you to enjoy many years of comfort and beauty in your newly radiant home.  Contact Cochran’s Lumber to learn more about our complete line of reclaimed, native and engineered flooring solutions.