Reclaimed Wood: Character Recycled


What is reclaimed wood?

Reclaimed wood is wood that has been salvaged from its original purpose and used to build or create something new. Many people say that by using reclaimed wood, you are giving old wood new life because the wood is rejuvenated to its original glory.

Where does reclaimed wood come from?

There are many sources for reclaimed wood including:

• Reclaimed Barn Siding
• Reclaimed Fencing
• Reclaimed Beams
• Reclaimed Flooring
• Reclaimed Boxes and Shipping Crates
• Reclaimed Mantels

Cochran’s Lumber and Millwork’s history began with two brothers who grew up on a dairy farm, instilling strong agricultural ethics in the business. Much of the reclaimed wood Cochran’s produces comes from agricultural sources, such as barns and fencing. Cochran’s takes pride in bringing this agricultural character out in each piece of wood milled.

How do you restore reclaimed wood?

The process of reclaiming begins at the source, the barn, factory or field where the wood was shaped into its original structure. Teams begin the delicate process of dismantling the structure into each individual timber so it can be transported back to the mill. From there, the wood is de-nailed, cut to size and kiln dried to prevent splintering or warping. Then, depending on its purpose, the reclaimed wood is milled or distressed to bring out its true character and details.

What is reclaimed wood used for?

Reclaimed wood can be used for any project that newly purchased wood can be used for. Customers use Cochran’s Lumber & Millwork reclaimed wood for a variety of projects, including:

• Custom Hardwood Flooring
• Custom Furniture
• Farmhouse Tables
• Architectural Moldings
• Stairs, Railings and Bannisters
• Cabinets and Bars
• Signage and Framing

What styles coordinate with reclaimed wood?

Reclaimed wood is rustic and natural. It can be milled or left natural and distressed to compliment many different interior styles from traditional to modern and contemporary. The benefit of reclaimed wood is the rich, natural wood tones that the restoration process brings out. Customers use reclaimed wood in many different settings, from contemporary homes to industrial style restaurants and bars.

Why use reclaimed wood?

Reclaimed wood adds a history and character to your home not found in newly milled lumber. Reclaimed barn siding, reclaimed fencing and reclaimed beams all possess unique weathering and wearing that cannot be mimicked by the phony distressing of newer options. Other than aesthetics, reclaimed wood is structurally superior to newly milled lumber or engineered wood options. Reclaimed wood is usually sourced from very old structures built out of hearty, matured trees, making the wood stronger and more stable.
Reclaimed wood has also had many years to shrink and swell with changing humidity and temperatures. This means reclaimed wood is less likely to splitter or warp making it perfect for your modern home or retail design. Reclaimed wood is also an environmentally friendly option because the use of recycled woods helps to reduce the need for harvested timber.

Where can I find reclaimed wood?

 Cochran’s Lumber & Millwork has sourced reclaimed wood for over 30 years for a wide variety of applications.  Increasing demand has impacted the ready supply of reclaimed wood.  Not to worry, at Cochran’s our team of craftsmen and state of the art equipment can create a wide variety of hand crafted design and pre-finished elements.  To learn more about about Cochran’s, call 877.297.8331 or by email from our contact page.