Sanctified Reclaimed Flooring


Reclaimed Flooring

Whenever we reclaim an old structure, we like to think that we are saving it for a “higher calling”.  It just so happens the process is working in reverse for once.  Built in 1896, the Husband United Methodist Church of Husband PA has seen a lot of God’s grace, so why shouldn’t the very lumber that held it together get a shot at the afterlife…

White Oak

The frame of this building was made from circle sawn White Oak joists and studs, which are highly sought after for our reclaimed flooring, particularly our distressed grade of Antique Oak flooring.  In addition, there was a large amount of weathered Yellow Pine sheathing boards that work well for our Tobacco wood flooring.

A local antique dealer was able to salvage several of the stained glass windows, multi-paneled oak doors, old trim, and I think one lucky neighbor got to keep the bell.  As the guys were working on dismantling the building by hand, several folks stopped in to share a story about a wedding, funeral, or meaningful moment their family had experienced in the church.  It was a shame it had to come down, but since someone had to do it, we were glad the lumber had a chance to be “born again” at Cochran’s Lumber.



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