Scandinavian Design for Kuhn Aviation Lounge


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Scandinavian design began to emerge in the United States in the 1950s and continues to influence interiors today. It conveys both a timeless and modern aesthetic and therefore serves as a long-term choice for interior spaces.

Defined by clean lines, simplicity, natural textures, and minimalism, this style values functionality that is thoughtful and beautiful.

Image of Kuhn Aviation Live Sawn White Oak

Designing with Live Sawn White Oak 

When selecting an interior style for the Kuhn Aviation Lounge, designer Noah Holt wanted a space that felt uncluttered and contemporary; sleek enough to complement the beautiful planes that share the space yet welcoming for weary travelers.

Cochran’s Live Sawn White Oak with an invisible finish offers natural texture and warmth that the otherwise polished space needed. “The team at Cochran’s couldn’t have been easier to work with”, says Noah.

“They helped us choose the wood species and finish to complete the space, and even suggested we wrap a wall and install the boards across the expanse of the ceiling. This architectural feature took a uniform space and made it feel completely special.”

By layering in modern furnishings, polished light fixtures, textural fabrics, and minimalistic artwork the client’s vision for the space came to life.

Image of Kuhn Aviation Live Sawn White Oak 2

Blending by Design 

Floor to ceiling panes of glass opens up to the airline hanger where private planes and helicopters are housed. Works of art in and of themselves, many of these aircraft are vintage treasures and decidedly beautiful.

“There couldn’t have been a better look to marry the hanger and the lounge” added Noah. “The space is comfortable for guests, and allows the beauty of the planes and the comforts of home to come together logically”. 

Image of Kuhn Aviation Live Sawn White Oak 3

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