Spring Hardwood Floor Care


Ways to maintain your investment for years to come.

Cochran’s European Oak featured in the Souther Living 2020 Idea House

Whether you’ve just installed hardwood flooring or have lived with it for many years, the care remains the same: Keep it simple and consistent. With a few supplies and a little knowledge, your floors will age beautifully and last for generations.

Regular care steps

  • Vacuum with a soft-bristle, non-marking brush to get rid of dirt and dust that’s accumulated.
  • For stubborn or sticky messes, use a gentle floor cleaner (we like this one) and a micro-fiber cloth (like this). Spray sparingly and buff with cloth to remove.
  • Stay away from products containing oils, harsh chemicals like ammonia, and rough cleaning pads and stiff-bristle brushes.
  • Avoid saturating your floors with liquids. Water and wood do not mix well!
  • For instances where a deeper clean is necessary, we like this floor mop and spray. Be sure no liquid is left to pool on your floorboards.
  • Humidity plays a role in how your floors perform. As seasons change, consider installing a humidity monitor (like this) to regulate how much moisture is in your home. Ideal indoor humidity level is between 30-50%.

Certified Flooring Finishers

Did you know that Cochran’s Lumber is a Certified Bona Finisher? When you purchase a pre-finished floor from Cochran’s Lumber, you can walk on it with confidence that our trained BONA ® staff has expertly finished your floor so that it will last a lifetime.

Image of BONA Certified Prefinished Flooring by Cochrans Lumber 1

Cochrans Lumber – Prefinished Pros

To learn more about tips and tricks from BONA and to purchase any of BONA’s full range of hardwood flooring cleaning products and accessories, you can visit their website here.

Our Experts are Standing By

We’ve learned a lot about flooring care over the last 45 years. The experts at Cochran’s are here to help you understand how to preserve your investment. Contact us today to get more information.


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