Textures for Wood Floors


What are some Types of Wood Floor Textures?

Once you’ve selected the type of wood you’d like to use in your flooring, the next step in achieving the perfect look is to choose your finish. At Cochran’s, we produce a wide array of handcrafted textures.  In this post, we will share about four wood finishing textures. Whether your style is clean and modern, or casual and rustic, we have the flooring design talent that will take your breath away.

So, let’s look at some of the most common and popular wood finishes for flooring. Remember that Cochran’s can also render these woods and finishes in our low-maintenance, install-anywhere TrueWood engineered flooring. Whatever your flooring dream is, we’re here to make it come true.

Hand Scraped

In the days before sanding machinery, carpenters used hand scraping to even out bumps, lumps, and irregularities in wooden planks. Today, hand scraping is used to give wood a distressed look. This wood will show worn patches and scratches, giving it a worn look as of wood that has stood the test of time and history.

Some wood is machine-scraped, but a true artisan wood requires careful hand scraping that works with the wood’s natural grain. Hand-scraped wood is excellent at hiding scratches and dings to your floors, making them a good choice for homes with children or pets.


Hickory Flooring - Hand-scraped with Pre-finished with Stain


Hand-Sawn or Circle-Sawn

In the preindustrial era, wood planks were cut from trees by hand and installed as-is, unpolished and unevenly cut, with no planning or sanding to finish them. The circular saws left marks called kerfs. When you stain this type of wood, the color looks darker on the kerfs. This gives hand-sawn wood a distinctive look. Today, we use light sanding to remove splinters. Hand-sawn planks offer a warm, multicolored look that can brighten any space.


4 Live Sawn White Oak Circle Saw Kerf Pre-finished flooring by Cochran's Lumber - Made in USA


Live Sawn

Using a method developed by European millwrights, live sawing is a slow and painstaking technique that uses the entire length of a tree. In America, it’s normally used on white oak, which has the durability and size needed to produce the most striking results. Because it uses the whole log, the live sawn technique incorporates many more of the wood’s unique characteristics. It is also the most environmentally sound sawing method.


Image of Live Sawn White Oak English Chestnut Finish by Cochran's Lumber



For the ultimate in elegance, nothing compares to a wood floor that’s been polished to gleaming, lustrous perfection. Smooth-finished wood is a timeless style that will never go out of fashion and blends with any décor. Equally, at home in a modern, traditional or cottage home, it’s also low-maintenance. A polished wood floor is easy to clean and can be sanded and refinished when it starts to look worn.


Your Floor, Your Choice

You have many choices when it comes to flooring. Let Cochran’s guide you through the process by helping you select the wood that speaks to you, from our collection of traditional, character-rich American hardwoods. Then we’ll show you all the ways that wood can be finished to bring out its beauty to the fullest. Together, we’ll find the flooring that says “home” to you.

Your floor is the foundation of your home. Shouldn’t it be a joy to look at, every day? At Cochran’s, you’ll find the expert help you need to create a floor of timeless beauty. Call us today and let’s get started.

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