Types of Wood for Flooring


American at Heart

Many people think of exotic woods when they consider flooring for their home, but in truth, some of the most beautiful, character-rich and durable wood flooring comes from trees grown right here in America. These are the classic American hardwood species that we at Cochran’s have a particular fondness for, and when you look at our selection you’ll see why.

Whether you choose solid wood flooring or engineered floors, you are certain to find something in our American Heritage collection that will bring your decorating vision to life. We choose the finest American wood and our custom finishing brings out the wood’s true, inner beauty. In this post we’ll talk about some of those classic woods.

American Heritage Collection

White Oak: Usually light gray rather than white, this tree is found throughout the U.S. and Canada. It grows to enormous heights and is exceptionally long-lived. Most white oaks live 200 to 300 years and some have been found as old as 450 and 600 years old. White oak is sturdy, rot-resistant and shows beautiful color variations.

Cherry: This native of Appalachia is also known as the rum cherry or the mountain black cherry. In a cherry tree, the heartwood or center area is a deep reddish color while the sapwood is a pale pinkish-white color. The color variations can be subtle or striking. Cherry wood will darken over time when used in flooring.

Heart Pine: This term actually refers to the inner area or “heart” of the long-leaf pine tree. Pine trees grow so straight and tall that they were used as masts in shipbuilding, and the most prized part of the tree was the dense layer of heart that developed as they grew over centuries. It takes 30 years to grow an inch of heart pine. Today, most heart pine comes from reclaimed wood.

Walnut: The most prevalent type of walnut in America is the black walnut, a deeply colored wood whose tones range from brown to dark chocolate with reddish or purplish shades. Black walnut is a favorite of woodworkers because it’s durable and easy to shape. It is widely used in decorative pieces and imparts a rich look.

Maple: A symbol of strength in many cultures—and the well-known symbol of Canada—maple is one of the hardest American woods. There are several varieties including the sugar maple, the red maple and the silver maple. They all produce a wood that is light and bright, and nearly indestructible, making maple the ideal choice for modern decorating schemes.

Solid Wood Flooring

  • Our wood is milled right here in Berryville, Virginia shop, never outsourced.
  • Every board is cut, sanded and finished to our exacting standards.
  • Our carpenters and millwrights are true artisans.

Engineered Flooring

  • Cochran’s TrueWood engineered flooring provides a durable, elegant wood look to any space.
  • TrueWood can be applied directly to concrete slabs.
  • We can craft it from antique or newly milled woods.
  • It’s sustainably engineered.

Custom Finishing

We’ve come up with our own stain and finish blends, and you’re sure to find them all intriguing, whether you’re drawn to the hushed silver tones of Gray Ghost, made with white oak, or the striking red-black tones of Whiskey Barrel, made from hickory, or the near-ebony deepness of heirloom walnut.

At Cochran’s we can craft a special blend of wood and stain that will be unique to your home. You can’t find this level of fine, detailed work at any big-box store or mass-market lumber mill. We create flooring that is a work of art and we believe that you deserve nothing less.

The Sustainable Choice

Wood from American forests is sustainably managed. At Cochran’s, we know exactly where every plank, strip and bolt of wood comes from. We either buy it from a grower that practices responsible farming, or we get it from a building that we’ve reclaimed. When you buy from us, you can be fully confident that you are not buying wood from a questionable source or one that’s full of toxins.

When you buy from us, you’re buying wood that is part of a revered past but also has a vibrant future. Call us today and see how these classic American beauties can transform your home.