Versatility in Wood Flooring


TrueWood™ Flooring

How do you rate one engineered wood-flooring product from another?  It all depends on what you hope to achieve in the scope of the project.

Are you working to add value to your property with a renovation, or refresh an older property as a restoration, or a new build using the ageless elements of wood flooring?  No matter the size or scope the team at Cochran’s Lumber are glad to spec it out.

In this post, we’ll explore some of the versatile attributes of TrueWood, our engineered wood flooring solution.  We’ll consider the type of wood, the condition and the finishing options you have and establish solid reasons to consider the engineered option.


When scoping wood flooring, often the first question you will be asked is the type of subflooring the wood will cover.  If it is concrete, your options narrow significantly and engineered wood is the only viable solution.

Typical applications we encounter include residential basement concrete slabs, restaurants and high-rise condominiums to name a few.

Added versatility comes in the wide selection of wood in our inventory.  For starters, you can link to the historic past and use antique wood reclaimed from old barns and fence lines.  Or, you can go with newly milled American timber like white oak, heart pine or walnut.

Each base wood option, antique or new, has a distinct character and with the addition of stains and finish coating creates a truly unique wood floor design to enhance any room on any property.

Colorful Options

Here are three stunning options for you and your designer to consider.  We selected these to showcase the vast spectrum of our pre finished options.

All of the woods in our American Heritage collection have been milled and finished to perfection, using the painstaking craftsmanship that is our signature. Our custom finishes are the final touch.

Cochrans Cognac White Oak Custom Floors

Cognac: To show off this deep finish, we used white oak that was rift-sawn, resulting in a beautifully even wood grain. Our cognac finish gives it a rich, dark brandy color that will create immediate elegance in any room.

Cochrans Tavern Oak Custom Floors

Tavern Oak: Get a rustic, timeworn look with this medium-dark finish that recalls the spots, spills, beer stains, and watermarks of a classic alehouse. In this sample, live-sawn white oak allows the vivid mix of colors to stand out.

Cochrans Driftwood Custom Flooring

Driftwood: Driftwood will give your floor the look of a seaside cottage. This sun-washed, gray-blue shade looks particularly light and airy on planks of pale walnut. Driftwood evokes lazy days and moonlit nights on your favorite beach.

How to Choose?

It may be hard to choose from all these gorgeous options. Give Cochran’s a call or stop in to see us. We’ll be happy to work with you to select the wood, finish and flooring style that will create a spectacular floor for you.

Cochran’s can deliver our beautiful TrueWood™ flooring directly to you, anywhere in the U.S. or around the world.

Count on Cochran’s

You can count on Cochran’s to craft flooring of quality, character and enduring beauty.  You can reach us by phone, form or visit our showroom in Berryville VA.  Spend a little time with us and we’ll give generations of wood flooring wisdom.

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