Who is Cochran’s Lumber


Discover the Cochran’s Difference

Cochran’s is more than a lumberyard, and in our Virginia shop, you’ll find more than just a selection of spectacular woods. You’ll find an old-fashioned way of doing business that combines a modern outlook and innovative techniques with a deep respect for our heritage. You’ll find honesty, integrity and a genuine love of what we do.

In this post we’ll take a closer look at Cochran’s. You know what we do. Now we invite you to take a closer look at who we are.

Artists at Heart

We use exacting woodworking techniques that have been handed down for generations, because some things can’t be rushed. The wood that we use took decades to grow into its full, rich character and we won’t hurry its processing. We’ll take the time we need to craft flooring that is a work of art.

We do use modern machinery to speed up some processes, because we know that your time and money are valuable. But we never let these systems take the place of our hands-on finishing. Our goal is always to create unique flooring and accent pieces that will stand the test of time.

We Preserve History

At Cochran’s, we know where every piece of wood we use comes from. We only use native, traditional American hardwoods grown and harvested right here, from growers who practice sustainable farming.

Other sources include reclaimed wood, harvested from abandoned buildings that stood tall for decades or centuries. Those structures were built to last, and the wood we recycle shows the patina of age, weather and history. We respect that wood and we take enormous pride in giving it the chance for a new future.

Timeless Traditions, Modern Convenience

That’s why Cochran’s is a premier source for designers and builders who renovate historic homes. We have the knowledge and experience to provide reclaimed or authentically recreated wood that fits seamlessly into a renovation project.

Whatever your vision, whatever your project, Cochran’s has the wood that can breathe life into it. We know we’re continuing centuries-old traditions that bring you modern ease and convenience.

Innovative Craftsmen

Cochran’s team is constantly innovating. From our artfully designed wood finishes to our Truewood™ engineered flooring, everything we make is unique and true to our vision. That’s why we respect your vision and why nobody has the selection that we do.

Whether you’re looking for a fully pre-finished floor or the perfect reclaimed beam, Cochran’s is your first and best choice.

Grounded and Green

Cochran’s practices are sustainable. Our wood is free of the toxins that can lurk in cheaper lumber or foreign wood. We don’t want those toxins in our homes and we won’t put them in yours.

With a background in farming and deep roots in our Virginia community, sustainability isn’t just a clever catchphrase for us. It’s part of everything we do.

We’re inspired every day by the rolling countryside around us and the heritage of classic American woods like heart pine, black cherry, maple and hickory.

Honesty and Integrity

Cochran’s is a family-owned business that employs local designers, artists and millwrights. When you do business with us, you’re doing business with a family that works together and has spent decades focusing on the same goals.

You might have thought that honesty, integrity and a relentless work ethic were long gone. At Cochran’s, they’re alive and well. We stand by everything we do and every piece of wood we finish.

A Single Mission

Cochran’s was founded almost 50 years ago with one purpose: to create a wood flooring business that embodies the best of the past, present and future. When you visit our showroom, you’ll see that mission in action.

We don’t just make flooring, we make wooden floors that are true masterpieces. We don’t just mill wood, we finish it to perfection. That’s the Cochran’s difference. Call us today and discover the difference for yourself.




Cochran’s Lumber is proud to be the leading provider of spectacular floors for homes, offices, and retail spaces across America! Our newly redesigned showroom was thoughtfully designed to make the selection of flooring and finishes exciting and simple. We feature a variety of new and reclaimed flooring products and many new and unique finishes.

We are proud to offer an inviting space where customers can come and get a clear visual of the many types of hardwood flooring options that we offer, and feel comfortable at the same time.

Visit our showroom today in historic Berryville, VA (only 50 miles west of Washington D.C) or give us a call at 1(877) 297-8331.