Wood Floor Care in Winter Months


Dry Air and Wood Floors in Winter

For many of us here in the United States, winter is just around the corner or has already appeared! Cold weather means low humidity. Woodstoves can bring inside humidity levels to as low as 10%. That can be problematic for wood flooring.

The professionals at Cochran’s Lumber recommend that Relative Humidity (RH) levels stay between 35-50%. If RH levels stay low for an extended period of time, that could mean excess gaping in-between wood planks and possible splitting in engineered floors.  Here are a few tips to keep your floors happy during these long winter months.


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Keep the Cold Air Out

Find any excess outside ventilation and seal it off. These air leaks can come from drafty windows, recessed lighting, and other holes in the walls and ceilings. RH can be stabilized better when cold, dry air is kept outside.

Keep An Eye Out On the Humidity

You can buy an inexpensive humidity monitor to gauge the RH levels within your home.
(Amazon has them here.) This little gadget can let you know what your humidity levels are so that you can try to maintain a good RH factor within the home.


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Adjust the Humidity if Necessary

If you have noticed a prolonged RH factor within your home, you can purchase a humidifier and instantly add moisture to your room. A whole-house humidifier can also be installed to keep your humidity levels throughout your entire home at a recommended level.

Wood Flooring Professionals Ready to Help

Have additional questions about the humidity in your home? Send us a message via LiveChat or at [email protected] – we are happy to answer any concerns you may have!



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