Choosing Reclaimed Wood – Environmental Benefits


Reclaimed Wood Conserves an Important Natural Resource

Okay, you get it. Reclaiming wood conserves and preserves trees, a vastly important natural resource. However, you may still be wondering, “does the simple act of reclaiming wood actually help our environment”? To answer that question, you must first look at the negative impacts of not reclaiming wood.

What happens to the wood that is not reclaimed?

Decaying wood is either disposed of in a landfill, will decay in the spot in which it once stood, or will be burned. This decaying wood emits toxic greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide. While the burning of wood emits multiple other pollutants and greenhouse gasses, as well. 

Deforestation isn’t that bad…right?

Each year 15 Billion trees are cut down due to deforestation. 15 Billion is a staggering number that could be vastly reduced through the use of reclaimed wood. With the increase of harvesting new wood and thus depleting our land of a necessary natural resource, fossil fuel use is also increased. The burning of fossil fuels with deforestation greatly outweighs the amount of fuel used for reclaiming wood. As you may know, fossil fuels are a very important non-renewable resource. 


As you can see, it is easier to see the environmental benefits to choosing reclaimed wood by first looking to the negative impacts of not reclaiming wood. To summarize, reclaiming wood inhibits toxic gasses from decaying wood to enter our atmosphere, the filling of our limited landfills, and the excessive use of fossil fuels.

At Cochran’s Lumber we take the health of our environment seriously. We only use wood that is responsibly harvested. Recycled wood is the ultimate “green” building material. So, through reclaiming wood we are able to convert aging barns, houses, and other structures into something fresh and beautiful. 

Click here to explore the beautiful flooring we create using antique and reclaimed wood. Also, be sure to check out our blog on applications of reclaimed wood to see ways in which Cochran’s gives new life to reclaimed wood. 



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