Now is the Time to Integrate Character into Your New Build Project


The Wonders of Wood from Cochrans

There’s something special about the time-worn character of an old home. At Cochran’s, we love the challenge of creating flooring that honors an old home’s heritage and looks like it’s always been there.

Many times, homeowners want an addition to feel as though it blends seamlessly with an older portion of the house, or an entirely newly built home to feel as though it’s been there for years. As we’ve worked with designers, architects, and homeowners to achieve this goal we’ve learned a few tricks and tips to add character to new spaces. 

Image of Room with Beams Mantel and Ceiling Panels
Image Credit: Lauren Liess & Co

Adding architectural elements with patina can add character and break up a room that feels otherwise static. Beams, paneling, and mantels offer an opportunity to add texture and draw the eye towards the focal points that you’ve added. 

Image of Beams with Contour Integration in Living Room
Image Credit: JH Interior Design

Layering a mixture of old furniture and decor with new finds gives a sense of a collected space. Add items that have meaning, bring you joy, things that tell a story. As shown in the photograph above, metal colors can coexist and a modern couch silhouette feels perfectly at home with a vintage leather couch and spool table. 

Image of Cochrans Pre Finished Wood Flooring

We recently collaborated with this homeowners designer to add character to new build property. Natural hardwoods, ceramic tiles, patterned glass, and metals create visual interest in the kitchen. 

Image of Wood Ceiling Panels with Beams
Image Credit: JH Interior Design

Be inventive in the way you use walls! Don’t be afraid to run floorboards across the ceiling, or to reimagine the way that a space is divided. 

Image of Wood Flooring by Cochrans Lumber

Image of Wood Flooring integrated with Stairway

Here our client saw drywall as an opportunity to make a statement grid wall with millwork that carried throughout the entryway and up the staircase. They utilized ironwork to make otherwise standard stair spindles a focal point.

Design Integration with Help from Cochrans

The experts at Cochran’s Lumber can help you to transform your new build project into a space that’s full of character and charm.

Whether you’re thinking of adding unique flooring or custom architectural elements to enrich your home, we have suggestions on how to make your vision come to life. Contact us today to get started!