LSWO – Fumed

Fuming is a process of allowing a chemical reaction to bring out a rich dark color in White Oak without the use of a stain. The result is a unique color that is not obscured by the pigments used in staining. Our American White Oak is a great choice for fuming because of the high amount of tannins in the wood. Shown on our Live Sawn White Oak.

Live Sawn White Oak Fumed by Cochran’s Lumber is a custom finish developed with years of experience and customer response.  Our finishes are designed with an eye for both timeless classic looks as well as the latest design trends.

Species: White Oak

Grades available: Live Sawn, Select

Also available in European Oak 

Cochran’s Lumber has partnered with one of the highest quality European mills to offer our customers a fine European White Oak floor.

European Oak Grade is available in 3/4″ x 7″ engineered 5mm wear layer on exterior grade 15mm baltic birch substrate, available in lengths 6′ 6″ / 7′ 6″ / 9′ 6″


  • 3/4” solid Learn More
  • 1/2” engineered: 3mm wear layer with 9mm exterior grade baltic birch substrate Learn More
  • 5/8” engineered: 4mm wear layer with 12mm exterior grade baltic birch substrate Learn More
  • 3/4” engineered: 5mm wear layer with 15mm exterior grade baltic birch substrate Learn More

Widths: 3” – 10”

Lengths: 2′ – 12′

Finish: Satin Urethane or Matte Oil