Live Sawn White Oak

Engineered White Oak Flooring

At Cochran’s Lumber, we appreciate the utilitarian aspect of that earliest sawn lumber and have sought a way to capture that unique look and feel, with our Live Sawn flooring options.

That’s why we have chosen live sawn lumber as our go-to grade for newly harvested wood flooring.  Live sawing is unique, though very simple, a method of sawing a log straight through its diameter, leaving in the heart of the log, and all the grain and character variations are seen throughout all grades of lumber.  Conventional sawing methods would avoid the heart of a log, cutting the higher grades from the outer portions of the log, and discard the inner cant as pallet grade lumber.

Custom LSWO Prefinished Flooring

Live sawing is a very efficient use of the lumber and therefore creates less waste product.  The best part is the unique blend of character and grain that harkens to the early cuts of lumber produced by mills over a century ago. Therefore, our Live Sawn flooring is the best option to beautifully and economically re-create that original look.

Shown in our Natural finish.

Satin urethane top coat. Available in a variety of sheens upon request.

Our American Heritage collection of floors features a full range of classic American hardwood species. Available in a variety of grades, colors, textures and custom finishes, we continue to work hard to find timeless products that will help turn your home into a modern masterpiece.