Rooted Creek Farm



Loudoun County, Virginia


Chris & Natalie Mizerak

Interior Designer

LYS+NAT Design

Tucked in Virginia’s horse country, on a winding and scenic road that slices through farmland and stacked stone walls, sits a beautiful 1800s farmhouse. When Chris and Natalie stumbled upon it, the property was layered with many years of paint, wallpaper, and living; and they set out to make it their family home. They saw the potential and aimed to bring the farmhouse into the next 100 years, while honoring the original character and past.  

Homeowner Natalie is also a partner at the Interior Design Firm (LYS+NAT Design). She knows a thing or two about the task at hand. “For this 1882 Farmhouse we went in and completely gutted it. We redid the walls, the electric, the floors to modernize the property all while keeping the original charm.”

“The floor selection is one of the most important parts of a renovation; it sets the tone for the entire space. Working with Cochran’s, you know you are going to be happy with what you select. We didn’t want anything that looked too perfect. After looking at a lot of different options we went with a Natural finish on their White Oak. We love how it allows for all the natural imperfections of the wood to shine through, while adding so much character to the overall space. My favorite are the sap lines that are accentuated and bring a lighter and bright color in certain spots. The flooring goes perfect with all the other selections of the house!”

“Cochran’s was wonderful to work with on this project. As a designer I know the endless amount of hardwood options that are out there. Even with that knowledge, I knew that the floors for my family home would be Cochran’s. The quality and service you get from them is unlike any other. We also like to support local businesses run by great people as much as we can…so Cochran’s Lumber it was, and always will be!”

Live Sawn White Oak Hardwood Flooring