The Clegg Residence



Round Hill, Virginia


Ryan + Megan Clegg



Discover Timeless Residential Elegance with Cochran’s Lumber Engineered White Oak Floors in Virginia

Experience the quintessence of Virginia’s unspoiled horse country, where traditional architectural marvels and unfussy farmhouse aesthetics endure the passage of time. Here, elegance pairs with simplicity to yield homes that are both stately and welcoming. Homeowners Ryan and Megan Clegg embarked on a journey to build a new residence that embodies this tradition while offering a contemporary functional living space for their family.

Cochran’s Lumber: Crafting Exceptional Flooring for Modern Living Spaces

Cochran’s Lumber takes pride in introducing their exceptional engineered White Oak floors, specifically designed to enhance the charm of this residential oasis. Installed throughout the entire main level and effortlessly extending into the second level’s hallways, these floors infuse the essence of traditional charm with a modern twist. Devoted to building a home that encapsulates the spirit of the past, the homeowners sought flooring that possesses both character and soul. Cochran’s Lumber delivered precisely that.

Classic Allure Meets Modern Elegance: Cochran’s Lumber Engineered White Oak Floors

The engineered White Oak floors from Cochran’s Lumber carefully bridge the gap between classic charm and modern sophistication. Crafted with painstaking attention to detail, these floors harness natural hues that neither overwhelm nor fade into the background, thus harmonizing with the surrounding environment. Each plank radiates warmth and richness, showcasing the intrinsic beauty of the wood while maintaining a discreet presence. The homeowners’ vision for a unique, non-uniform look is flawlessly achieved, guaranteeing an entrancing and welcoming ambience.

“Cochran’s Lumber provided an exceptional experience, with their friendly and knowledgeable team guiding us through the entire process”, says Megan.

The end result is a dwelling that radiates a timeless appeal, where the quality and personality of the floors effortlessly stand out.

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