The Oliver Residence



Falls Church, Virginia


The Oliver Family


Cottage Street Homes

Cottage Street Homes crafts thoughtfully designed homes, with custom finishes and details that set their work apart, and this Falls Church property is no exception. The builder and homeowner worked closely with Cochran’s Lumber to create custom flooring and millwork for the entire residence. Custom beams, mantles, stair treads, and other architectural details added character and warmth to this build. “This home stands apart in our portfolio”, says Scott Shreffler of Cottage Street. “By collaborating with Cochran’s we were able to achieve a unique and classic aesthetic, one that they’ll enjoy for many years.”

The homeowners envisioned a contemporary farmhouse; a canvas for them to display subtle pattern and texture layered in with furnishings and finishes. Their decision to use 6” Live Sawn White Oak was driven by it’s durability and easy-care. They visited the Cochran’s showroom to collaborate on a custom finishing process that amped up the rustic quality of the floor. They opted for Rift & Quarter Sawn boards, which means the logs are cut with the grains intersecting the face of the board at an approximate 60-degree angle. The log is sawn into four quarters and each quarter of the log is sawn perpendicular to the growth rings at an angle, therefore being named rift and quartered. This technique allows for maximum texture. In addition, the white oak floorboards were fumed and finished with a white grain fill.

“Light was very important to us”, says the homeowner. “Being intentional with natural light really allows us to enjoy the flooring character and color. Cottage Street Homes and Cochran’s Lumber partnered with us to make sure our home reflected our family and our vision.”

Live Sawn White Oak Hardwood Flooring