Roots of Rustic Interior Design


Rustic Roots

Rustic design is a warm, relaxed style that also combines beautifully with other styles. Whether your taste runs to modern, industrial, farmhouse or primitive, rustic design elements can be incorporated into all of these for a touch of warmth and character.

Inspired by Nature

In this post we’ll look at the roots of rustic design and how you can use them to create a look that is unique to you and timeless in appeal.

At Cochran’s Lumber you’ll find reclaimed barn wood, distressed wood flooring, custom-finished flooring designed to look weathered, ceiling beams and many other products that will add natural character and rustic appeal. Visit our design pages and our digital showroom to get more inspiration.

Distressed Wood Floor

Wooden floors with some wear and tear are the foundation of any rustic style. Choose wood floors in wide planks, and opt for wood that shows knotholes, uneven coloring or other details that make it look worn rather than new. This can be actual old wood but custom finished engineered flooring can achieve the same look in a floor that’s also durable and low-maintenance.

Wooden ceiling beams are a must in a rustic design. They recall the ceilings of old barns and can also be used as mantels, shelves or other design features. At Cochran’s Lumber you’ll find a huge variety of beams in our beam showroom. Use them as is or have them custom finished to achieve the perfect look.

Reclaimed Barn Wood

Reclaimed wood can be used for flooring, accents or ceiling beams. This is the ultimate in rustic design because it uses wood that was taken from actual barns, outbuildings and sheds that were built over a century ago from hardy, traditional American woods.

Reclaimed wood is the ultimate in “green” decorating and it brings living history into your home.

Custom Finished Engineered Flooring

Cochran’s Lumber specializes in finding, finishing and milling reclaimed wood. Our artisans use traditional craftsmanship to refurbish these beautiful, weathered planks.

But for a practical and affordable alternative, you can get the same distressed look with our custom-finished engineered flooring. Check out our showroom to see all the possibilities. We can create a distressed wood floor so close to the original you’ll be hard-pressed to tell the difference.

Other Elements of Rustic Design

Fireplace. A fireplace, especially one with a stone or brick hearth, is a natural fit in any rustic home.

Rough textures. When adding textiles and rugs, think of those with rougher-hewn textures like burlap, wool and sisal. Woven blankets and braided rugs are a good fit for this style.

Low lighting. Make the light mostly natural, with sheer window coverings that let sunlight in. Bright fluorescent lights or spotlights feel out of place in a rustic home.

Use metal strategically. Avoid bright, shiny metal pieces and look for those that have a worn patina or even rust.

We’re Your Source

Whether you’re in the market for reclaimed wood, custom finished wood, or some rustic ceiling beams, Cochran’s Lumber is your source for all things wood.

At our millworks, you’ll find:

• a family-owned business that prides itself on its craftsmanship, honesty and integrity;
• a commitment to preserving history and the environment;
• an understanding of how our wood products can create the most in-demand designs;
• a way of doing business that builds customers for life;
• a no-excuses guarantee;
• work that conforms to a higher standard–ours.

At Cochran’s Lumber, we work only with American-grown wood that is either reclaimed or sustainably harvested. We work with traditional woods like maple, ash, heart pine and Douglas fir. We know you’ll love the way they give a sense of enduring warmth and beauty to your home. Contact us today to learn more about our current selection and more.