Choosing the Right Flooring


Renovating your home is a chance to express your creativity and watch your dreams come to life, and if your plans include a flooring upgrade, choose floors that gleam with depth, richness and beauty. At Cochran’s Lumber we provide wood flooring options that are custom pre-finished to give you the exact look and feel you want, whether it’s solid flooring made from classic American woods or a durable, use-anywhere engineered floor that recreates the same authentic look.

What’s the best option for your floors? In this post we’ll take a look at some popular floor coverings so you can make the right selection for your home, lifestyle and budget.

Wood Flooring Options

Solid Flooring

  • Solid wood is a classic choice, offering durability and versatility that few other floors can match.
  • Cochran’s uses only homegrown, sustainably harvested American woods like white oak, heart pine, black cherry and maple.
  • Hardwood is easy to maintain and is a great choice for allergy sufferers because it contains no toxins.
  • Wood is a renewable resource, especially when it comes from a known source, as all of Cochran’s wood does.

Engineered Flooring

  • Get all the beauty, charm and high resale value of solid wood in a versatile form that can be installed anywhere, even on concrete slabs.
  • At Cochran’s we make our TrueWood on site, using sustainable engineering, and can use any wood you choose including reclaimed wood.
  • Engineered floors never need refinishing and with Cochran’s custom finishes, you can create the look of your dreams.

Custom Pre-Finished Floors

  • Transform the look of your chosen wood with a custom finish that brings out its full depth of color and pattern
  • Cochran’s can develop a finish that is unique to your home, your style and your preferences.
  • We can show you how to blend the right floor with the perfect finish to create a home unlike any other.

Other Flooring Options

Traditional Carpet

  • Feels warm and luxurious and comes in an array of colors and textures.
  • If a top-quality product, it will last many years and maintain its softness.
  • Difficult to keep clean and has low resale value.
  • If not the best quality, will soon look matted and worn.

Laminate Flooring

  • An inexpensive way to get a wood look.
  • Available in many colors and styles.
  • May detract from your home’s resale value, as homebuyers overwhelmingly prefer real hardwood.

Luxury Vinyl

  • New vinyl options like luxury vinyl tile and luxury vinyl plank can recreate the look of stone, tile or wood.
  • Durable and a good choice for damp environments.
  • May cost as much as, or more than, real ceramic or wood.

A Classic Home Deserves Classic Beauty

The true beauty of wood as a flooring choice is its versatility. Wood lasts forever, and whatever changes you make to your home and your furniture, that floor will never go out of style. The classics never do.

If you’re remodeling or renovating, you owe it to yourself to check out our products online, through our digital showroom, and to take a look at our Inspirations pages. When you see the breathtaking beauty of our wood flooring choices, the only trouble you’ll have is deciding which ones you like best.

At Cochran’s Lumber you’re not just walking into a flooring shop that sells the same tired floors you can find anywhere. Instead you’ll find:

  • A family-run business with deep roots in a sustainable lifestyle.
  • True artisans who use time-worn techniques, hand finishing and a craftsmanship you may have thought was lost.
  • A classic American mill that only processes American hardwoods.
  • An endless array of design ideas that will inspire you.

Call Cochran’s today and let us show you why our responsibly harvested and milled woods are the best choice for your home. We’ll help you choose a floor you’ll be proud to walk on for years to come.

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Cochran’s Lumber and Millwork is proud to be the leading provider of spectacular floors for homes, offices, and retail spaces across America! Our newly redesigned showroom was thoughtfully designed to make the selection of flooring and finishes exciting and simple. We feature a variety of new and reclaimed flooring products and many new and unique finishes.

We are proud to offer an inviting space where customers can come and get a clear visual of the many types of hardwood flooring options that we offer, and feel comfortable at the same time.

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