Why Choose Oil Based Finish


Oil-Based Finishes

As antique, distressed and weathered floors grow in popularity, many people are finding that natural, oil-based finishes are the perfect match for these looks. In this post, we’ll take a look at some good reasons to choose an oil-based finish that will complement your wood, keep your home safe, and make your life easy.

Cochran’s can make your life even easier by supplying wood flooring that’s already pre-finished with the oil finish of your choice. That means installation is quicker, there’s no fuss and mo muss when the flooring is put in, and no need to stay out of the room while the finish dries.

Five Reasons to Choose Oil Finishes

1. Oil Finishes are a Natural Fit

Oil finishes provide a warm, natural glow very similar to the wood’s natural look.

  • They produce a soft sheen that is a good match for distressed and rustic woods.
  • The oil sinks into the wood, producing its own subtle, natural shading with age.
  • Oil finishes allow the wood to breathe and allow you to feel the wood in all its natural beauty.
  • Because they provide protection from the inside, oil finishes keep floors looking good for many years.

2. They’re Low-Maintenance

Floors with an oil finish are easy to clean and if the finish starts to fade, it can be touched up every two to three years.

  • Simple damp mopping removes most stains and spills.
  • Unlike polyurethane, the original oil finish does not need to be removed when you touch it up.
  • You can spot-repair any damaged areas.
  • In most cases, an oiled floor never needs to be sanded.

3. They’re a Green Solution

Oil-based finishes are safe for your home, your family and the environment.

  • Oil finishes emit almost no VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
  • They come in a variety of tints, which means you don’t have to buy a separate stain.
  • They preserve wood’s natural soundproofing.
  • They’re made from vegetable oils and nontoxic solvents.

4. The Price is Right

Oil finishes offer savings in time and money.

  • Application is easy, and it’s nonexistent if you buy pre-finished wood.
  • Pre-finished wood pieces make for one-stop shopping convenience.
  • Reapplying the finish is easier and less costly than redoing a polyurethane finish.
  • Easy maintenance will preserve the finish for years.

5. Polished to Perfection

At Cochran’s Lumber, you’ll find a wide selection of beautiful oil finishes.

  • Our pre-finished flooring means no dust, fumes or mess from on-site finishing during installation.
  • We control the entire process from milling and sawing to finishing, to ensure perfect-looking wood, every plank, every time.
  • You get spectacular flooring at an amazingly affordable price.

Custom Wood Floor Solutions

At Cochran’s Lumber, we know that you’re looking for more than just a pile of wood that you can install on your floor. We know you’re looking for a floor that will be a work of art, a piece of history and a source of joy for generations.

That’s our commitment to you, and it’s the reason we craft every piece of lumber to perfection. Call Cochran’s today. We’ll answer all your questions about floors and finishes and help you choose the perfect floor for your life, your style and your home.

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