Wood Floors and Color Options


What’s Your Favorite Color?

One of my family’s favorite Christmas time movies, (or anytime really) is Buddy, a story about a candy-loving Elf who comes down from the North Pole to find his real father. One of the many famous lines from the movie is when Buddy answers the phone and says, “Buddy the Elf! What’s your favorite color?” I often think of that scene when clients come to the showroom and ask, “What’s your favorite color?”

That question can be hard to answer. If I answer with my own personal design style, I would go with a rich, dark stain like our Italian Roast or Whiskey Barrel.  There is nothing better than a dark-colored floor with almost-white walls, high ceilings, and reclaimed beams. It’s luxurious, cozy, and clean. However, I resisted my style and went with beautiful neutral, oiled white oak floors when I recently installed flooring in my home. Neutral floors fit my current lifestyle. And that’s what I ask clients when they are deciding on flooring…what is your lifestyle?



Image of rich dark wood flooring with vaulted ceilings on second floor




Image of Dark Wood Floor with Wide Planks with rustic appeal



Image of New Wood Flooring with Box Beams and Sliding Barn Door


Choose Wisely…

Here are a couple of lifestyle questions to consider when thinking about “Your Favorite Color” flooring:

How clean are you? And be honest! I’d like to think I am a fairly organized person, cleaning and to-do lists are a constant in my life. However, with 3 young kids, a hectic schedule, and living out in the country, I often have to face the reality that my floors will be ‘crumby’. I found that while I love the look of a dark floor stain, they tend to highlight dirt, dust, and crumbs more than lighter colored floors.

Do you have both two-legged and four-legged kids? If you answered yes to either of you, then scratches will happen. And while Cochran’s finishes are super durable, some of these scratches will be noticeable. Lighter floors tend to hide those scratches and scuffs better than darker floors. I guess I should mention that high heels can also cause scratches, but I haven’t worn them since my second child was born:)

Do you like texture on your floors? If you are set on darker-stained floors and if your style and budget allow, consider adding texture. Cochran’s offers several texture options that will help conceal dust and scratches. Circle Saw Kerfs, Band Saw, and Hand-scraping are several options that can be added to your order. Not only does texture added overall character to your space, but it makes your floor truly custom to your lifestyle.

We Can Help

The team at Cochrans Lumber has decades of experience manufacturing custom wood floors – both solid and engineered.  We help our clients navigate the design phase in order to match the right wood species, the right finish, and yes their favorite color.  Contact us to learn more about the wide variety of wood flooring options and solutions available at Cochrans Lumber.



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