Designing with Random Width Flooring


Random-Width Flooring

Take a break from classic, traditional flooring layouts with a random-width pattern that evokes an earlier age. Random-width flooring is a popular movement in the home design space expanding on the rustic tradition of wood floors. At Cochran’s Lumber, we have a variety of stunning American sourced woods and colors that will work just about any design style.

Traditional becomes Modern

In the early days of home building, people didn’t have much choice when it came to their wood flooring patterns. They sawed logs from the trees that were available. They also wanted to conserve as much of the wood as possible. This resulted in floors that seem to have no set pattern when it comes to plank length or size.

What these early home builders and carpenters did out of necessity has now become a modern design choice. Today’s homeowners have embraced the warmth of a rustic, timeworn look that recalls the values of those early days.

Millennial Properties wide plank flooring in restoration Cochran's Lumber

You’ll find woods that are perfect for that historic look in Cochran’s American Heritage collection.

Combinations Wide Plank Flooring

Decorators and flooring designers generally use a grouping of three different plank widths in their random patterns. Some of the more popular measurements include:

3-inch, 5-inch, and 7-inch
3-inch, 4-inch, and 6-inch
4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch

Others use groupings of two widths:

5-inch and 7-inch
3-inch and 5-inch

Layout and Pattern

You can decide whether you like a regular, recurring pattern of sizes or use what designers call a “flop,” where the selection and layout are completely random. Either layout will give you a beautifully authentic look.

Coupled with Cochran’s pre-finished choices and range of colors, this wood will offer depth and character at every angle, in every type of lighting. You can count on our craftsmen to deliver beautiful wood choices in every dimension.

Authentic Wood for an Authentic Look

Random sizing creates a natural look that is closely in tune with the way trees are naturally designed. It adds an earthy element to your rooms. It works especially well in large rooms with high ceilings, where the floor might otherwise get lost in all that space.

If you prefer clean, spare spaces, a random-width floor will add warmth and keep the rooms from feeling cold and stark. It’s a striking contrast in a room with modern décor or a one-dimensional color palette.

This type of flooring also works where you’re attempting to create a woodsy or cabin-style effect. Rough-hewn furnishings and handmade fabrics will look right in tune with the varying shapes and colors of the floor.

Random-width flooring is also a must in any historic renovation project. Cochran’s artisans have experience in reproductions of antique and historic homes. In these, flooring that replicates the hand-sawn look of old buildings is a necessity.

Which Wood is Best?

Any of the woods in our American Heritage collection will give you a rich, distinctive look. Whether you prefer a light, bright maple, a warm hickory or a rich, variegated dark oak, you will find the perfect choice for your flooring.

Consider using a prefinished floor. Our finishes are completely natural, adding protection and beautiful color variations to the wood. Prefinished flooring saves time during installation and cuts down on dust and debris. Any of our prefinished flooring choices would make an excellent choice for your random-width flooring.

Cochran’s TrueWood engineered flooring is another option for a flooring choice that can be easily and quickly installed anywhere. We can craft any of our woods into TrueWood flooring.

The Natural Choice

If you love the look of random-width flooring and would like to install it in your home, come into Cochran’s or visit our online showroom. We have the finest selection of artisanal woods and the knowledge and experience to help you make the right choice. Don’t make a random choice about your random-width flooring. Call on Cochran’s expertise.

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