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Cochrans Live Sawn Walnut Hallway

More than White Oak Flooring

Image of Brush Arbor European-Invisible

BONA Certified Finisher

Image of rich dark wood flooring with vaulted ceilings on second floor

Wood Floors and Color Options

image Horse Country Oak 9 - Old Oak Fence Boards - Salvaged Wood - Cochran's Lumber

Product Inspiration
Horse Country Oak


About Reclaimed and Recycled Wood

Image of Cochrans American Heritage Heart Pine Select

Long Leaf Pine Flooring

Cochrans Live Sawn White Oak Dining Room

Why Choose Oil Based Finish

Antique Chestnut Flooring

Installation Tips for Wood Flooring

Cochrans Hardwood Lumber

5 Reasons to Choose Solid Wood Flooring

engineered wood flooring showroom

Engineered Wood: A Sustainable Choice

engineered hardwood flooring

Going Green with Hardwood Flooring