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Image of Rustic Design Flooring from Cochrans Lumber

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Home & Design Trends 2021

Image of Kitchen with Accent Wall using Barn Wood Panels

Cochran’s Presents:
Sawmill Designs

Image of Antique Oak Milled Flooring by Cochrans Lumber

Patterns in Wood Flooring

Miller and Blackwell Construction with Cochran's Lumber 6

Miller and Blackwell Construction

image of Barn Siding - Reclaimed Barn Siding - Cochran's Lumber

Client Spotlight
Reclaiming 6 Pastures Farm by Lodge Construction, Inc. and Reader & Swartz Architects, P.C.

Image of barn board wrap 2 contrasting beam wrap with Cochran's Lumber

Client Spotlight
Windmill Hill

Image of Reclaiming Barn Wood

The Process of Reclaiming Barn Wood (Video)

Tobacco wood kitchen floor 3 with American Heritage flooring from Cochran's Lumber

Product Inspiration
Reclaimed Materials

Cochran's Lumber & Flags of Valor brothers in wood craftsmenship

Flags of Valor & Reclaimed Barn Board


About Reclaimed and Recycled Wood

reclaimed-wood-barn for rustic design

INSPIRATIONS – Cochran’s Lumber May Newsletter

BCN Design Custom Barn Door Design

Custom Wood Doors

Cochrans Live Sawn White Oak Hallway

Where Does Flooring Wood Come From?

reclaimed barn wood

What is Barn Siding

Antique Oak Wall Paneling - Unfinished

Reclaimed Wood: Character Recycled

Christmas spirit at Cochran's Lumber Flooring Showroom

Hardwood Flooring Holiday Tips